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Why Video Content Creation is Important in Influencer Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Jun 08, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Instagram Marketing/ Social Media Marketing/ YouTube

influence marketing

Before analyzing the importance of video contents in marketing let’s have a look upon the concept or idea of content creation. Content creation is a marketing approach which involves creation of relevant and valuable information which is then passed on to the interested parties. These contents are created by keeping in mind a specific audience. In other words contents are created according to the needs and behavior of customers.

In current environment, where traditional mediums of advertisement are becoming less effective with every passing minute, content creation has become the fastest and most common medium of advertisements and marketing. For a business, content marketing provides a platform which is used to communicate with potential customers. It helps business to create awareness about its services and products without prior to selling. Infographics, how to guides, blogs and videos are some examples of content creation.

Let’s talk about the influence and importance of video content on the influencer marketing in current business environment.

Publishing videos for marketing purpose has become the latest trend. Video content provides customers and users with a clear image of any business and its activities. It helps them to understand in a clear way that ‘what a business does exactly’.  The popularity of this medium for marketing purpose is increasing day by day. However it’s important to understand that it is not an easy job to produce an effective video with a right content.

There are different platforms available which play the role of influencer marketing. These platforms appreciate and help a business in its marketing. Videos of short lengths are made by business itself and then these videos are uploaded on different influencers marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram etc.  These videos are then show up in the news feeds of users. When a user logs into his account and as he scroll down in the newsfeed, he sees videos playing automatically. The moving screen attracts the users.Due to the appealing nature of videos, it helps to drag attention of the consumers towards the business’s services and products.

Influencer marketing is becoming really popular because these influencers understand the needs and interests of users and they create video by keeping in mind the interests of users. In addition to this businesses have realized that it’s better to work in collaboration with these influencers for marketing purposes because this collaboration results in creative content and above all business have access to a large number of people who are users of social media. In this way, a direct relation is formed between business and customers or potential customers to provide the base for a longer and strong relationship.

Looking at the latest trend it is not hard to say that the future of marketing is dominated by video contents. Businesses and influencer marketing are shifting their focus towards video marketing to cope with the moving interest of ultimate users. Following are two examples of good video sharing platforms which can be used for influencer marketing.


Facebook video

Almost every brand in the world uses Facebook now-a-days for social media marketing. With every passing minute, Facebook is trying to provide its users with the best and for this, updates are introduced continuously. In response of the popularity of video content, Facebook has recently added a feature which enables users to go live and interact with others. Moreover users can not only watch their favorite videos but they can share it with other users.


Instagram video

Originally Instagram was just a photo sharing app but soon it introduced the video feature to cope with the changing business environment and user’s demand. At first, users were able to share only short length videos e.g. 10 sec video. But now with the latest update, users can share and watch videos of 45 sec which has developed a sense of freedom.

In order to ensure the long-term social engagement and to increase the brand recognition, it is the need of the hour that a business must build and maintain a reliable relation with video creators and influencers.


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