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Now You Can Upload Photos to Instagram from Desktop with ‘Windowed’

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 13, 2017 in Instagram Info/ Social Media News


Instagram doesn’t have the option that allows the photo or video upload from anything other than its mobile app. It want everything to be ‘instant’ which reflects its name. Copying photos to your desktop and then uploading to Instagram from there wouldn’t be instant, would it?

While this is very useful for regular Instagram users, it doesn’t really help photographers who use DSLR camera. So, for them, now there is an option where they can upload photos to Instagram straight from their desktop.

There is a desktop browser named ‘Windowed’ which essentially a mobile browser. Since Instagram allows the photo uploads from the mobile browser, a photographer and engineering student developed a software that tricks Instagram into thinking that it is opened from a mobile browser but which in fact is a desktop browser.

It is a free open-source software that can be used by people who want the option to upload their photos from their desktop and don’t want the additional hurdle of copying them to their mobile phones and then uploading them to Instagram.

The person who created Windowed is named Felix Sun who is also a photographer and was frustrated with the same issue. So, he put his software engineering experience to good use and coded a desktop browser to be disguised as a mobile browser. He had created the software for himself but then shared it with the other frustrated photographers in need.

Although Instagram has allowed uploads from the mobile browsers, the features on the mobile website are not the same as the mobile app. But Windowed is still a good work around for people who constantly have to upload photos taken by their professional camera to their mobile phones in order to post it to Instagram.


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