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Twitter is Testing ‘Explore’ Tab as ‘Moments’ Replacement

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 14, 2016 in Social Media News/ Twitter


As the high up team in Twitter is looking for a potential buyer, the technical staff is doing its best to think of ways that the company doesn’t have to sell. In their efforts to bring new users in and make the previous users engage more, they are now testing out the ‘Explore’ tab as a replacement for ‘Moments’.

This tab dishes out the most trending topics on Twitter and suggests other new users to follow. Like Moments, this new feature will also gather up tweets on a certain topic to bring some order to the tweet storm.

This new feature was confirmed to Mashable by Twitter and it’s currently being tested on a few iOS and Android users. If it is received as expected, it could be launched for all users permanently.

Explore is actually a hybrid of Moments and Discover. Discover showed users the most trending tweets and suggested user accounts to follow but there was no order to those tweets. So, Twitter replaced Discover with Moments. Moments organized tweets into one topic so that Twitter users could effectively follow the latest happenings in their interests. Moments was well-received and in fact, a few weeks ago, Moments was rolled out to all Twitter users.

But apparently, Twitter is not as happy with the results and now wants to replace Moments with Explore. There is no guarantee yet that Explore will be rolled out to all users.


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