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Twitter Is Testing ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘Talking About’ Feature for Tweets

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 24, 2017 in Social Media News/ Twitter


While Twitter is going through the harassment scandal, the platform is busy thinking of ways to make its user experience better and better. First with the lengthening of Tweets and Twitter handles and now with its latest test features.

One of the latest test features is ‘Bookmarks’. This feature allows users to save tweets for later while remaining private. Staff product designer Tina Koyama explained it in a Tweet and told users what to expect if the feature does go live globally:

“We went through all the designed flows and picked the ones that are the easiest to navigate to test out with our community. You told us that you want tweets you’ve bookmarked to be private, so only you can see it. We kept this in mind while creating designs for the feature.”

How you can use this feature is that you click on the menu button on the top right of the Tweet and then you can select ‘Add to Bookmarks’. She further explained why the feature is called Bookmarks:

“We’ve decided to call our feature Bookmarks because that’s a commonly used term for saving content and it fits nicely alongside the names of the other features in the navigation.”


Another feature that is currently in the testing phase is the ‘Talking About’ feature. It basically tells how many people are talking about a certain Tweet.

The metrics only show up for embedded popular Tweets that show up around web other than Twitter. It basically adds up the replies and retweets to give a total of people who engaged with the tweet in one way or another. It’s a good way to express the popularity of the tweet for people who are not on the platform.

Both of these features do seem really nice but they are currently in the test phase and may not roll out globally.


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