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Twitter Now Supports 50 Characters Long Display Names

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 10, 2017 in Social Media News/ Twitter


While there is a huge issue of online harassment going on about Twitter and users demand that Twitter takes action and get rid of this problem entirely, Twitter certainly seems to take action, but not where it’s needed.

Okay, to be fair, the recent updates have been useful but any update by Twitter, which is not in regards to its biggest issue, is met with criticism. The most recent update was that Twitter made the Tweets 280 characters long. There are still debates going on whether this update was necessary and useful or would it give the negative parties more room to spread their negativity.

Now, there is another new change that was announced today. Basically, Twitter now supports user handles that are up to 50 characters long.


This change was met with a lot of criticism and if you visit the original tweet and its replies, you’ll see that most of the people changed their names with long and blunt requests to ban the Nazis first. There were also requests to stop verifying Nazis. Very few of them actually appreciated the change because they would rather see Twitter as a safe place than have a long username.

There are hashtags being added in their display names by users as well including #WouldPreferThatYouBanNazis. Overall, very few people appreciated the change because they weren’t really asking for it. What they were asking for to stop verifying the Nazis and stop granting them blue badges. Jack Dorsey replied to their request in his Tweet:

“We should’ve communicated faster on this (yesterday): our agents have been following our verification policy correctly, but we realized some time ago the system is broken and needs to be reconsidered. And we failed by not doing anything about it. Working now to fix faster.”

There was also a Tweet by the official Twitter Support account as well:

“Verification was meant to authenticate identity & voice but it is interpreted as an endorsement or an indicator of importance. We recognize that we have created this confusion and need to resolve it. We have paused all general verifications while we work and will report back soon”

Hopefully Twitter will succeed in making it a better and safe social media network by eradicating the issues that really matter.


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