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Twitter Just Rolled Out a New Ad Format Called ‘Video Website Card’

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 19, 2017 in Social Media News/ Twitter


Even though Twitter is facing some serious scandal in the form of abuse and harassment on the platform, the business aspect of the network is still coming out strong. The proof of this statement is the newest ad format that Twitter rolled out.

This new ad format is called ‘Video Website Card’ and what this does is that it creatively combines the video ads with the preview of the advertised website down below. This is a format that is created keeping both the publishers and users in mind.

What you will see in your news feed is an autoplaying video which can then expand into a larger video with a preview of the webpage. If you tap on the website preview, you will be then directed to that website. The title of the video is customizable.

The reason why this format is user friendly is that while the preview of the website loads, the actual website is also loading. If you tap on the preview, you don’t have to wait for the website to load again. Basically, it’s an ad that will let you watch the video ad while you wait for the website to load. You will be able to see the contents that the website has in the preview and if it interests you, only then you would need to click on it.

It’s not exactly a really innovative idea or something you’ve never seen before but these ads can be used for multiple reasons whether they are for video views, brand awareness or website traffic.

Twitter explained it like this:

“For example, a movie studio that wants to launch a new movie may run the Video Website Card optimizing for video views on the trailer early in the campaign when their primary goal is driving awareness, and optimize for website clicks later in the campaign when the movie is in theatres and their primary goal is ticket sales.”


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