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Twitter Makes Promoted Tweets A little More Subtle

By Alex Neil Posted Apr 30, 2015 in Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing

Twitter ads

People are now trained to ignore anything that has a sponsor or advertisement involved. They just skip right over that part to see other things that are not promoted. It is almost like the Pavlov response. People see ads, they jump right over to the next tweet. So, Twitter responded to this behavior by making its promoted tweets and ads a little more subtle.

The little yellow label that accompanied sponsored tweets has now disappeared. This change makes it easier to blend the promoted tweets with the normal news feed tweets. The purple badge for political promoted tweets will remain for compliance reasons.

According to Marketing Land, this change started rolling out yesterday. The subtle nature of Twitter ads will probably be a good thing for advertisers because people will not ignore them right away and will probably give them as much attention as they do to regular Twitter content.

Here is how the old ads looked:

promoted tweets

And here is how the new ads look:

Subtle promoted tweets

This brings Twitter in competition with other social networks like Facebook and Pinterest who also use in-stream ads to promote businesses.


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