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Twitter Plans on Tweaking With The 140 Character Limit

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 30, 2015 in Social Media Marketing/ Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing/ Twitter News


The unthinkable is about to happen, well at least according to the report by re/code. This move by Twitter will change the way Twitter works. But will it be good or bad for this social media platform?

When we think of Twitter, the 140 character limit automatically comes to mind. That’s the main identity of Twitter and brands always try really hard to be creative and fit their message or announcement to in the specified limit. So much so that it has become a kind of art.

According to the report, Twitter is rolling out a ‘new product‘ that will allow users to post longer tweets. This implies that Twitter is not getting rid of the whole character limit but is just giving people an extension just in case they need it.

Twitter has already tried to facilitate people in this regard. In April, it released the ‘retweet with comment’ feature for those people who have more to say about the tweet that they are sharing. Also in June, Twitter lifted the 140 character limit in private messaging.

Jack Dorsey is apparently really supportive of these productive changes in Twitter. A current senior employee at Twitter said,

“People have been very precious at Twitter about what Twitter can be and how much it can be evolved. Having Jack come in and say it’s okay makes all the difference in the world.”

It is possible that this change doesn’t make it to the public at all. But this feature would definitely spice things up for the company.


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