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Twitter is now Paying Its Users to Create Videos

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 31, 2016 in Social Media News/ Twitter News


Twitter really wants to make its place in the field of video marketing and now it has taken another step towards its goal. It wants to attract people who use YouTube as their career choice.

Twitter is now offering U.S. citizens a chance to make money through creating videos on Twitter. The format is the same as YouTube. The revenue created by the number of views and clicks on the ads shown beside the videos will be split between the content creator and Twitter.

But where YouTube shares 55 percent of its revenue with the content creators, Twitter is offering to pay the video makers 70 percent of its earnings through ads. This offer only stands true for Twitter video and doesn’t extend to Twitter’s other video platforms like Periscope and Vines.

twitter video

The offer is pretty generous but Twitter needs to be generous in order to appeal to users who already have a big video platform like YouTube. Twitter is not asking for exclusivity which means that users can post the same video that they posted on Twitter elsewhere. Just like Twitter didn’t pay its users to use Periscope (unlike Facebook who paid celebrities to use its live streaming feature), it’s not offering any advance payment for encouragement.

The offer is available to any YouTube like content creator located in the US starting Tuesday. The approved creators only have to click on the rev-share button to activated the offer.


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