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Twitter Is Nudging Celebrities To Use Periscope

By Alex Neil Posted Apr 21, 2015 in Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing

Twitter vs Periscope

Back in January, Twitter acquired Periscope (a live-streaming video app) and later launched it as a rival to Meerkat (a similar app) which has been creating quite a stir on Twitter in the past few months.

Since then, a constant back and forth is going on between the two apps. Twitter introduces a few changes which results in Meerkat stepping up its game. And so the battle continues.

But it seems like Twitter is trying every method available to persuade people to stop using Meerkat. According to TechCrunch, Twitter is contacting Meerkat using celebrities and telling them to stop using Meerkat since it’s dying and all that.

In addition, Twitter is also pushing media companies to stop using Meerkat as well or else they might be cut off from accessing Amplify, which is really important for media companies. This indicates that Twitter s willing to use any way necessary to get ahead of Meerkat.

Twitter and Periscope

“Twitter hounds every celebrity after they try Meerkat. Almost to the point of stalking,” a source of TechCrunch said, adding that it’s leading to some tension internally as well. “Twitter is absolutely obsessed with Meerkat. They talk about it all the time to the point that the Periscope employees and founders are angry.”

But, it’s not just Twitter who is trying to persuade celebrities, Meerkat is trying a similar approach albeit a little less aggressively. This battle is turning downright ugly. Let’s see how it goes in the coming months.



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