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Twitter Is Testing Out a Lengthened 280 Character Limit

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 27, 2017 in Social Media News/ Twitter


It’s the most talked about change that has always been speculated upon. Will Twitter take off the character limit? Will it destroy Twitter completely if it does? Or will people love this change and love the freedom of making longer tweets? These are some of the questions that have been asked over the years. In fact, there was once a rumor that Twitter will take off the 140 character limit completely.

But while Twitter is not doing that, it is definitely making some changes. On Tuesday, the company announced that it was testing out a lengthened 280 character limit on some Twitter users. And before you go all out and be frustrated that Trump will have more characters at his disposal, he is not a part of this test group.

This announcement was met with both love and hate, as the most changes with social media platforms do. And it’s understandable because now people have more characters to sugar coat their tweets and make it diplomatic instead of being blunt and to the point. At the same time though, people have more room to convey their point and not leaving out important aspects of major news.

While most of the people believe that the 140 character limit is Twitter’s main feature and without it the company would fall, it might not be true. Twitter is known for its real time nature and its network of people. It’s where celebrities make announcements, politicians make their stands and generally what people use as a means of awareness of international affairs. Even if the 140-character limit played a huge part in building that network, if the character limit becomes longer, it might not be such a bad thing for the platform as people are making it out to be. After all, Instagram converted its news feed from chronological to algorithm based and it didn’t really did much damage to the platform. It continues to grow and flourish even though almost all of the Instagram users were hating the change.

This change is a way for Twitter to overcome its biggest issue which is depleted user base growth. Let’s hope the change is successful and Twitter gets one step closer to being the platform that it was once before.


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