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Twitter Introduces ‘Moments’

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 07, 2015 in Social Media Marketing/ Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing/ Twitter News

Twitter Moments

Even when Dorsey was the interim CEO of Twitter, he was constantly trying to make Twitter better for people. Now he has become the permanent Twitter CEO and brought forward and will continue to bring new changes to the world in order to make Twitter better social media platform for people to use.

One of these new changes was announced yesterday in a blog post. Twitter introduced ‘Moments’. This feature allows people to be in the knowledge of the big happenings on Twitter. They don’t have to follow a certain account to know if there is something really big happening with them.

They just have to click on the lightning bolt tab and it will take you straight to what important stuff is happening on Twitter. You can pick any moment and then you will be shown all the tweets that are related to that specific moment. If you don’t want to click back and forth between your news feed and moments, you can follow certain moments and the updates of that moment will merge seamlessly in your news feed. When that story ends, so do the tweets.

Twitter makes it simple for people to understand how they can engage with Moments:

  • When you click into a Moment, you’re taken to an introduction with a title and description.
  • Start swiping to dive right into the story, with immersive full-bleed images and autoplaying videos, Vines, and GIFs.
  • A single tap gives you a fuller view of the Tweet, which you can favorite, Retweet, and more. A double tap lets you instantly favorite the Tweet.
  • The progress bar at the bottom indicates how much more each Moment has to offer.
  • Swiping up or down dismisses the Moment and takes you back to the guide.
  • At the end of a Moment, click the share button to Tweet your thoughts, and send it out to your followers.

Twitter Moments 2

Twitter Moments 1

Currently, Moments is available on iOS and Android to people of the US only but Twitter plans on bringing this feature to rest of the countries as well in the coming weeks and months. This is really a good step in making Twitter more appealing to general people instead of just celebrities and media channels.


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