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For Twitter, Fame Is The New Ad-Blocker

By Alex Neil Posted Jan 27, 2016 in Social Media News/ Twitter News

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According to Re/Code, for the past few months Twitter is not showing ads to a small group of Twitter users, giving them an ad-free or nearly ad-free environment. That small group consists of the most famous or most active Twitter users. This is because Twitter wants its most influential users to stay engaged with it and not leave the network.



This change was tested in September when Jack Dorsey was the Interim CEO and has been in effect since he officially took the title. Apparently, Twitter chooses these people based not just on the number of followers but on other criteria as well, like their activity on Twitter, how many followers do they reach with their tweets or how much engagement do they get on their profiles.

It’s really understandable why Twitter sacrificed the revenue it would make by showing ads to those users, considering the fact that Twitter earned around $2.2 billion in 2015 mostly through ads. Twitter is trying out everything it can do to make its users stay on the network.

While it seems that Twitter is focusing on the elite Twitter group, it should focus on what it can offer to those people who are considering joining Twitter so that it could grow its user base.


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