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Now Anyone on Twitter Can Create a Moment

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 29, 2016 in Social Media News/ Twitter


A year ago when Twitter launched Moments, everyone could see its potential. A bunch of important tweets on the same thing gathered in one place makes staying in the now really easy. In August, Twitter expanded this feature to brands and influencers to test the waters and the results were more than good. So, seeing as how Moments has become really popular over Twitter, this feature is now being expanded to all Twitter users.

Yes, now anyone can create a moment on anything that want. Due to Twitter being time sensitive, a lot of tweets go unnoticed. Now, Twitter is allowing users to curate those tweets in one place so that the best of Twitter can be highlighted.

Creating a moment is really easy and Twitter made a short video describing the process:

Just click on ‘Your Moments’ and you’ll be directed to a page showing your previously created moments and an option to create a new one. You can also set a cover for the moment using a photo or video from the tweets that you intend to add. Just add the tweets you want to make the moment as interesting as possible. Once you are done, share your moment via a tweet.

Just like anything with open access, you are bound to find some moments that are not good but there will definitely be ones too that will go viral, just like tweets. This feature is a way to show the world the things you are passionate about.

This feature is being rolled out yesterday but it’ll take a few days for it to get to everybody. It’s currently available for web users but soon the mobile users will get to experience it too.


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