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Twitter Brings Video Embedding Feature For Websites

By Alex Neil Posted Mar 04, 2015 in Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing


Looks like Twitter beat Facebook to the punch by introducing video embedding for websites. Facebook is not offering this feature and on Facebook, you the whole post gets shared in order to share a video. But Twitter has unexpectedly offered this video embedding where you have the choice of sharing the whole tweet or just the video.

embed Twitter video

You can embed a Twitter video to your website by clicking the ‘three dots’ under your tweet and you will be asked whether to ‘embed tweet’ or ‘embed video’.

The embedded video looks like any other Twitter video, complete with Twitter wrapper, timeline, video playback controls, a full screen button and also a Twitter logo on the bottom right corner. If you click this Twitter button, the video pauses and you get to see the actual tweet that is with the video. It’s a bit like Youtube videos which are really easy to share around the web.

This feature allows Twitter videos accessible to people who don’t have a Twitter account which helps increase the audience of business brands. Videos are going to be a huge trend in 2015 and with Facebook, Youtube and Twitter fighting to stay on top of the game, you can expect a lot of changes for the better in near future.


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