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Is Twitter Bringing Custom Emojis For The Advertisers?

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 17, 2015 in Social Media Marketing/ Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing/ Twitter News

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Most of the business owners from all over the world are spending money on Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns to bring their businesses to the next level and increase their sales. On Facebook, they can say as much as they want about their brand and they can rant about things all they want. But on Twitter. it is a different story.

Due to the 140 character limit, Twitter advertisement is difficult for brands using social media marketing because they have to stress over how to say what they want to say effectively in less than or equal to 140 characters.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a single emoji could convey what you will have to say in 10 words?

TechCrunch reported that Twitter let Coca Cola use their own custom emoji to say #ShareaCoke for some extra charges. But this feature is not yet available to all the advertisers using Twitter ads. Twitter says that it was just a test and Coca Cola was the perfectly willing subject to test this out with.

Twitter Share a Coke

In an interview with TechCrunch, senior director of global brand strategy at Twitter, Ross Hoffman said:

One of our core values at Twitter is #ShipIt. We want to test things and Coca-Cola was the right partner to test with here. We have established trust over the years and we are excited about the learnings we will get from this initiative. The data we get back will help determine the future on what we do with this as a product.

Also, explaining about what metrics will help Twitter decide if this custom emoji is successful or not, Hoffman said:

We can’t speak for what Coca-Cola key metrics are, but what we generally think about for large campaigns like this are engagement, sentiment, adoption of the hashtag/emoji and total reach.

If this custom emoji is successful, brands using social media marketing can definitely benefit by making their tweets more appetizing and refreshing using a few extra charges. Hopefully, it will become available to all the advertisers using Twitter ads soon.


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