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Top 6 Paid Social Media Marketing Platforms

By Alex Neil Posted Jun 13, 2017 in Social Media Marketing

social media

When it comes to social media platforms, each one of them is different than the other. Facebook is more of a trending posts platform and a great way to connect to your family and friends while Twitter is more of a news platform that gives you real time updates. Instagram is known for its photo sharing after using filters to enhance them while Snapchat is more of a time sensitive platform with only 10 seconds to view the snap or photo. There are many newer platforms as well which have established their place in the social media world.

When we think about which social media platform is better, it’s a really tough decision to make. Why? That’s because it depends which criteria you are basing your judgment upon. For example, if you are wondering which platform is better in terms of engagement, we would have to go with Instagram and Snapchat. But if you were to decide based on the total number of users, it would have to be Facebook. Really, it’s all about what you’re looking for.

In this article, we will look at these platforms in terms of paid business marketing and the order in which they fall according to this criterion. So, without further ado, here are the top 6 paid social media platforms.

1- Facebook:

facebook ads

With over 1.94 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook is the ultimate social media giant. It’s the one platform where you are sure to find people from each and every demographic and age group on. It’s the best platform businesses to connect with their customers from all over the world. But that’s just the user base. It comes out on top even when we talk about advertisement campaigns. The ads are very easy to manage and there is a budget plan for everybody whether the business is just a startup with low funds or it’s a giant business with millions to spend on advertising. The filters that Facebook offers are matched by none and you can narrow down your audience to the demographic you are targeting specifically so that you get the best results.

2- Twitter:


Although Twitter ranks at number five if we look at the Monthly Active Users statistics right now but it is the second best advertising platform when it comes to social media marketing. You don’t get much options but its Promoted Tweet is the best one that you can use. Basically, Twitter works like this: You tweet something and it gets retweeted. The more retweets, the more popular your tweet and the more followers you get. The promoted tweet is the best paid way to get more followers on your profile. From there, you can work on keeping those followers there by following the best tips and tricks for twitter marketing.

3- LinkedIn:

LinkedIn offers a good ad program but not all the brands can benefit from it. See, the people on LinkedIn are all professional and unless you are a B2B company, you don’t really get much from the advertisement plans that it offers. There is the Sponsored Update option for advertisers if they have great content that they want people to read and notice. The filters are almost as specific as the ones that Facebook offers. You can target your audience based on industry, title, location, and even company size. Also, the Cost per Click price is lower than the other platforms which is also a plus.

4- YouTube:

youtube channel

Then, there is Youtube. According to a study, YouTube has the highest conversion rate among all the advertisement platforms. You can run both video and static ads that can work with YouTube videos. Granted that you don’t get much in terms of filters and you will probably have to spend a little more than you would on other social media advertisement platforms but the high conversion rate may be well worth your money. Another study shows that YouTube ads have proven to be effective in both brand awareness as well as increasing sales.

5- Instagram:


Instagram offers the same filters as Facebook does because of the fact that Facebook owns Instagram. It’s one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms with 700 million monthly active users which is almost the double the number that it was 2 years ago. It’s a great platform for brand marketers with good photo sharing skills and the engagement rate from followers is the best among other social media platforms. If you do Instagram marketing the right way, you probably won’t have to use advertisement plans but nonetheless, Instagram Ads have also proven to be really powerful.

6- Other Platforms:

social media marketing

The platforms mentioned above are just the most popular ones, there are many other advertising platforms that are also good for small businesses. There is Reddit, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon to name a few. Each of them offers advertising plans but they don’t have the best analytics and don’t really have the large user base the social media giants have. That amounts for low advertising rates which is useful for low budget startups and niche marketers.


There is really no best advertisement platform. It all comes down to what your requirements are. If you have a low budget and cater to a single niche, the smaller advertisement platforms may work for you. If you are targeting specific type of professionals or you are a B2B company, LinkedIn may be the best choice for you. If you have a good budget and want the high conversion rate, YouTube is your platform. Instagram is great if you have amazing photo editing skills and a lot of creative ideas. If you really can’t decide, Facebook is the ultimate advertising platform that works with business of any size and type.


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