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Top 6 Non-Facebook Social Media Platforms That You Need In Your Business Campaign

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 02, 2014 in Facebook Marketing/ Google Marketing/ Google+/ Instagram Info/ LinkedIn/ Pinterest News/ Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing/ YouTube

You own a small business and like all other small business owners, you have a Facebook page about your brand. You are trying hard to gain more page likes and audience for your posts. But with every passing day, it is getting harder for your posts to show up in your followers’ news feed. Facebook’s constantly changing algorithms make sure that business owners stay on their toes to get the results that they want.

But, for every problem there is a solution. If Facebook does not get you your desired results despite your hard work, it is time for you to look somewhere else besides Facebook. Yes, Facebook is at the top of the list of social media networks useful in business marketing, but there are other platforms as well that will help you gain audience and benefit your business. Some of them may seem obvious to you but the others are just as useful.


Twitter is obviously one of the best social media platforms there are. It lets you make posts or “tweets” upto 140 characters. Twitter is best for businesses who want to promote their products, events and special offers. Public reach can increased by using hashtags (#) which are basically categories in which tweets are divided. You can find a lot of customers for your brand on Twitter because of its huge popularity among people all over the world. There is one small advice if you use Twitter: Don’t tweet too much because it will come across as if you were desperate and don’t tweet too less because it will seem like you are not serious about your business.


If you want to promote your business by making videos, Youtube is just the platform for you. Youtube lets you make your own channel that you name after your brand. All of your videos are shown on your channel page and you can customize your channel according to your taste. Youtube is becoming more and more strong in social media marketing with each passing day. Many businesses from across the globe use Youtube in their business campaigns.

One small advice if you are planning to use Youtube: Make your videos interesting so that they capture your viewers’ attention. According to a study, the first 15 seconds of a video make people decide whether want to watch the full video or not. So, keep your videos interactive and interesting.


Instagram is a photo and video sharing website that has become a part of millions of people’s lives. Instagram’s features are (intentionally or unintentionally) business friendly. It’s a great platform because all of your posts will make it to thr news feed of your followers for them to view them. Like Twitter, Instagram also works through hashtags.

According to Forrester Research, out of 7 social media networks that they’d studied, Instagram was the most prominent in helping the business owners gain more audience. While the engagement rate of the other networks was 0.1 %, Instagram showed 4.21 % engagement rate. So, you can see how big of an impact it will make if you include Instagram in your business campaign as well. A little advice: Be creative in what you post on Instagram. You posts should be eye catching and descriptive of what you want to convey.


Google+ is a competitor of Facebook because of its some similar features. Google+ has become vastly popular among business owners from all over the world. Many of the small business owners are including Google+ in their business campaigns to to increase their audience and customers. If you use Facebook, Google+ should not be difficult for you get used to. It’s gradually becoming a necessity in social media marketing.


Pinterest is a virtual pin board for all the things that interest you. You can use different boards for different categories under the same user account. You can share anything from the web that captures your interest. Pinterest will work best for you if you have a website/blog about your business or brand. You can pin your website posts to your pinboard on pinterest. If your posts capture people’s attention, it’ll help you increase your consumers. A little piece of advice: Don’t pin stuff just about your business and your sales pitch. Add a little personal touch as well because people will get bored with you otherwise.


LinkedIn is quite different from other social media networks because of its business environment. It is not for personal entertainment. Only professional people who are serious about their business join LinkedIn. It works best for professionals looking for opportunities. It is the platform where you can find professionals in the field that interests you and based on that field category, other professionals will find you as well. You can build connections with professionals from all over the world and by doing that, you may find a lot of opportunities for your job/business. The more connected you are to other people, the more chances you will find to enhance your business.

There are other social media networks like Yelp, Flickr etc. which help in business campaigns too but you will get great results by using just above mentioned websites besides Facebook.


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