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Top 5 Social Media Dashboards

By Alex Neil Posted Jun 02, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Instagram Marketing/ Social Media Marketing/ Twitter Marketing

social media dashboards

A social media dashboard is a platform which helps to manage many profiles in one place and you don’t have to log in to different accounts or profiles. In other words different social media activities can be handled by a business or an individual using one single program with the advantage of time saving. The use of these social media dashboards has made the marketing a much easy job than before. Businesses can perform and manage marketing task on many profiles like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. by using a dashboard.  Dashboards give a helpful hand for different kind of analysis as well. The use of a dashboard helps a business to analyze the customer behaviors and trends can be identified easily. Some dashboards are designed by keeping in mind that a person can never be available online 24/7 so we are given with another facility i.e. we can post our updates even when we are offline by scheduling.

Following are top 5 social media dashboards that can surely be a helping hand in managing social media activities.


When we need a user friendly tool to manage our activities on social media, Buffer is the name that comes into mind. This dashboard enables a business to schedule its content and then it automatically posts the updates. There are different sets available which can be chosen according to the need of an individual or business. Each set serves with different capacity and provides with different kind of experience.  For example, three choices are available for a business i.e.The awesome plan, Business and Enterprise. Each option has different characteristics and different subscription charges. However only major social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. are supported by this dashboard.


It’s a big and popular name among others and it provides with a different experience because it has a wide range of unique characteristics than other dashboards. One thing that makes Hootsuite best in class is that it enables a business to listen the audience’s opinion. This platform provides an in-depth view and makes it easier for a business to analyze the behavior of users. This analysis not only helps business in further growth but it also helps to bring change in the services when needed. Hootsuite provides secure log ins options due to which unauthorized access is not easy using this platform. Three versions of Hootsuite are offered for customers i.e. free, pro and enterprise.


It is a popular management tool for social media activities. This platform helps a business to keep in contact with its users always by engaging in social conversations. A unique kind of inbox is designed in this platform which provides access to each single message or query sent by users which allows a business to respond to the users in real time. Moreover this platform also provides the facility of scheduling which keeps a business in touch with customer base timelessly.


This social media management tool is not only a dashboard but it provides  customerswith a wide range of services. This platform supports social networking and blogging as well. A large variety of pictures, audio clips, videos, infographics and other documents can be shared or viewed using DashBurst. This platform is quite famous among content creators now a days. Posts can be scheduled using this management tool and these will automatically be updated on the pre-specified time. Dashburst is a real time saver because you can find almost all type of favorite content using this single platform. This platform serves everybody according to their interests i.e. whether you are a writer, a blogger, a web designer or a mere internet surfer you can find material according to your taste or you can post your own creative stuff.


For business that use twitter for marketing of their services and products, SocialBro is the pack of solution for their problems and it helps them to grow further. This platform helps to target the right customer base and it facilitates the engaging activities of a business with their audience on twitter. SocialBro helps a business to keep a constant eye on the competitors their activities and their followers. Followers of competitors can be seen and even followed using this dashboard. This platform gives an opportunity to understand the interests of your followers in a better way because it provides access to full breakdown of customer base. SocialBro analyses the activities of followers and based on the analysis it specifies the time slot in which followers are highly active. This information points out the optimal time when maximum customers can respond to business’s tweets. Any interaction of a business with audience can be tracked at any time and this feature helps a business in customer relation management (CRM).


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