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Top 5 Useful Marketing Tools for Facebook

By Alex Neil Posted Jun 15, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing Tips

If you are using Facebook for marketing of your business then you must be concerned about what are the best tools for your marketing activities. Selection of the most suitable tools is very important because it will result in high engagement rate.

Here are the most effective Facebook tools which can make your marketing work convenient. Good thing is some of these tools are absolutely free which is basically the icing on the cake.

1.     Agorapulse

This marketing tool is a total package which helps you in sharing stuff on your wall plus it helps you with the monitoring of the performance. Agora pulse works like a dashboard actually and it generates report for your convenience based on the posts on your wall.

Basically, two types of jobs are done using this tool. Agora pulse uses an inbox system which takes a snapshot of your Facebook activities or in other words it schedules business’s activities. All the comments and queries of the users go directly into the inbox as well and this tool makes sure that you never miss any comment or query. The scheduled posts are then published on the set time automatically.

This tool also provides monitoring services for your business. It helps to identify the user’s reaction towards your posts. Moreover it mentions whenever your business was in talk by the users. And last but not the least, this tool provides you with analytical reports that contain information about users’ reactions on your activities and your business’s key performance indicators.

This marketing tool has a subscription amount starting from $29 per month but if you are interested in free marketing tools then there are three options. Facebook Page Barometer, Timeline Contest Manager and Agora Pulse Academy are the free marketing tools introduced by Agora Pulse.

2.     DrumUp

In order to stand out of the crowd, you have to ensure that you are constantly posting interesting stuff which is helping to engage your audience with your business. This is the most time consuming job in the Facebook marketing because it’s not easy to find most relevant and captivating content. Hours are spent to collect share worthy stuff.

Under such circumstances, DrumUp is the real pain reliever for you because this tool shares your burden and it works on your behalf. This marketing tool finds fascinating stories for your audience according to their taste and then line them up to post on your wall. This tool is really helpful if you are looking for a handy as well as a free marketing tool.

3.     Canva

Importance of visual content cannot be denied if you are doing social media marketing for your brand. If you are looking for a tool which could produce branded images for your business then Canva is the solution for you. This tool has a large number of customized images with templates for cover photos, profile photo or for other Facebook posts. This tool provides free of cost images that may fill your need. But if you select an image which is highly customized or designed and is not available in their defaulttemplates collection then this tool charges you $1 only for each image.

This tool is really helpful if you lack in creativity because this tool has tutorials to help users creating their own designed images for Facebook marketing.

4.     Hootsuite:

One of the most popular social media marketing tools is Hootsuite. This marketing is a real time saver because it does not only schedule your posts but also helps you to analyze your performance. You can collect information about what is being said about your brand using this tool as well. This provides you with analytical reports which help you to understand how well your marketing strategy is going so far. Hootsuite provides secure log in options because this tool understands the importance of confidentiality for a business. You can enjoy all these services for free using this tool.

5.     LikeAlyzer:

This marketing tool helps business to assess the performance of Facebook page itself. It pinpoints the effectiveness of your brand’s Facebook pages and highlights the areas where improvements are required. In other words it identifies whether your marketing strategies are on right track or not. If not, then this tool gives recommendations to bring improvement.

This tool also helps businesses by giving them tips on how to build a strong relation with their audience to increase the engagement rate. Moreover, this Facebook tool provides a competitive analysis so that you could ensure that whether you are one step ahead of your competitors or not. The best thing about this social marketing tool is that all of the marketing services are provided with absolutely no charges, not even a single penny.


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