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Top 5 Apps for Creating Work/Life Balance

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 16, 2017 in Business

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When it comes to technology, you can either waste your time using the countless interesting apps and social media platforms while ignoring your work and being way less productive than you’d like to be. Or you could be too much invested in your work and always keep scouring the web while using your social media platforms to keep in touch with your customer/follower base or colleagues and completely ignoring your life and loved ones.

Most of the professionals fall in the above categories and very few of them actually manage to create some semblance of a balance between their work and personal life. The rest of them feel constant anxiety about the aspect of life they are ignoring whether it is work or their personal affairs.

So, if you are one of those people and want to create a work and life balance, here are the top five apps that will help you achieve that.

1- TimeTune:

TimeTune is an app that will allow you to manage your time more productively so that you can have more time on your hands to give to your family and loved ones. You can feed it information and it will give you detailed data about your routine and you can figure out for yourself if you are spending too much or too less time working so that you can balance out your routine more. It works the same way for students so that they can be more productive.

The reason this step is important is because if you don’t know where your time is actually going, how can you work on managing it better?

TimeTune is an iOS app and if you are using an Android device, you can use ATracker. It is essentially the same in functionality and will help you figure out a more realistic routine.

2- BreakFree:

ATracker or TimeTune is the app that will help you manage all of your tasks whether they are accomplished using your phone or not. BreakFree, on the other hand, is the app that will help you determine the time you spend in different apps on your phone. It will give you a better comprehension of how much time you using productively and how much you are spending just for fun. It will even tell you if you spending too much time on an app. You can even block certain apps from notifying you during a time frame that you’ve set.

You can probably imagine how this could be useful during work or after work hours. You can spend time concentrating on work or family, whichever needs your attention at the time. BreakFree is available on both iOS and Android devices.

3- PocketYoga:


So you’ve managed to create a work and family balance, but what about yourself? Your body and mind need your attention too. After all, physical and mental health is crucial if you want to lead a happy life.

PocketYoga will help you address both of these issues. Real life yoga classes are great for meditating and relaxing while also strengthening your body and keeping it healthy. But if for some reason, you can’t go to real yoga classes, PocketYoga is the next best thing. It is filled with exercises with great details to posture techniques and you would feel like you have a live instructor in front of you guiding your every move. Some of these exercises can be done even when you are in office. So, if you need to relax your mind in work hours, you can do that too.

4- Tribesports:

Now, this app is for those people who always fall behind in their workouts. They plan on getting back to the gym but end up skipping it due to busy work hours and tiredness. Tribesports is not your regular workout app in the idea that you can connect with other sporty users. It’s an app that is designed to get you more motivated for your workouts (we all know how hard that is!).

You can track all of your activity with its built-in GPS tracker, your vitals and record your routine. You can then brag about it by sharing it with your workout community. It also gives you visual reports on your fitness goals and shows you your progress in the past week, month etc. so that you can stay motivated.

5- Pocket:

We’ve all been in situations when we really like an article and want to read it but we have a deadline looming over our heads and we don’t have time. Or we really like a YouTube video but we are worried of the endless cycle of watching more videos and being on YouTube for a long time, time we can’t afford to lose. Well, Pocket is here for the rescue.

With Pocket, you can save all those articles and videos without worrying about whether or not you will remember the title of the video or article later. That stuff will be waiting for you later when you have time. It doesn’t matter if you have internet connectivity later or not because it will be available for you offline and you can watch it any place, any time.


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