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Tips to Steer Your Social Media Followers To Your Business Website

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 28, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Google Marketing/ Social Media Marketing/ Twitter Marketing


This is the age of social media marketing and brands from all over the world are doing it. This is a really good thing but it is also a bad thing. Why? Well, with everyone trying to promote their businesses, social media users are bombarded with information. So many posts by so many businesses selling so many products and services can be really overwhelming.

The users have no choice but to scroll through their news feed liking and favoriting things without clicking and going anywhere else. While this doesn’t affect the users, the same cannot be said for the brand owners who are spending money on various ad campaigns to bring users to their pages and consequently, their business websites/blog or landing page.

If you are doing social media marketing, chances are that the above scenario relates with you. If that is the case, you probably want to convert your social media followers into your regular users. These tips might help you:

Getting Mentioned by the Influencers In Your Field:

You can get your target audience to visit your page simply by being social. Find out who the influencers in your field are and then interact with them in a good way. Comment on their posts and give positive feedback. Give them a reason and then encourage them to mention you in their posts so that you get a chance to reach your target audience and get more traffic to your page and in turn, your business landing page.

Give Your Followers a Reason to go to your website:

You have an active social media page that users visit. You share and articles that you have posted on your website or blog. You are doing everything right, then why do your followers not go through to your website?

One thing that you probably are doing wrong is that you are giving your followers no reason, or in other words, no ‘call to action’ so that they feel inclined to visit your website. One way to fix that issue is by keeping the element of curiosity by not giving away too much information. For example, this Marketing Land tweet makes me want to click through to their website:

Marketing Land Post

Good Titles or Headlines are essential in piquing your followers’ interest:

The whole internet is brimming with high quality content that may be similar to what you have posted. In fact, in today’s age it is almost impossible to create an article or post that is unique and hasn’t already been posted on the internet.

So, what makes your article stand out among all the similar articles?

The headline or title of your article. For example, ‘Tips to Steer Your Social Media Followers’ doesn’t sound as good as ‘Tips to Steer Your Social Media Followers to Your Business Page’.

These tips have been proven to bring good results and they might help you too if you make them a habit when you are doing social media marketing.


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