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Study proves that your Facebook friends can lift up your spirits

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 08, 2016 in facebook/ social media/ Social Media News


There has been a speculation lately that social media is making people keep to themselves and overall become lonely and depressed. People stick to their Facebook accounts and scroll through a lot of stuff. They think of it as relaxing and enjoying. But unconsciously they begin to feel lonely because it’s human nature to seek contact from other human beings.

To prove that social media is not the cause of this depression, there was held a study which was co-authored by a researcher at Facebook. Now, you may think that the study will be biased for obvious reasons but first, let’s have a look at what the study says, shall we?

The study, which was held by Facebook researcher Moira Burke and professors of Carnegie Mellon University, does not say that people find happiness through passive scrolling of their Facebook news feeds. It also doesn’t say that people can find happiness by liking every piece of content that they come across on Facebook. Rather the study brings to shine the true essence of your Facebook experience: your friends.

Genuine comments from friends can lift up your spirits like no other. The study goes as far as to say that “personal interactions on Facebook can have a major impact on a person’s feelings of well-being and satisfaction with life just as much as getting married or having a baby.”

“This can be a comment that’s just a sentence or two,” said Burke. “The important thing is that someone such as a close friend takes the time to personalize it. The content may be uplifting, and the mere act of communication reminds recipients of the meaningful relationships in their lives.”

The study was established by surveying 1,910 Facebook users over 91 countries on a monthly basis. It was done anonymously and the study only focused on reading, posting and commenting habits of the selected Facebook users.

So, the next time you just scroll through your news feed without commenting on your friends’ posts, think about it. You never know, maybe even two words from you could mean a lot for one of your friends.


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