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Social Media Marketing: Flexibility Is The Key

By Alex Neil Posted May 07, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Google Marketing/ Google+/ LinkedIn/ Pinterest News/ Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing/ YouTube

Social Media

So, you want to do social media marketing. You have set a goal in your mind, or even a written plan. You have a strategy about everything from which platform to use, which audiences to target, what you want to achieve over a set period of time and so on. Basically, you are ready to dive into the sea of social media marketing.

Let’s say, you choose Facebook for your marketing campaigns. You start a page which show cases your products in the best possible way. You grab the attention of audiences and they like your page and soon you have a strong fan base.

These fans are real people. They may have used or are still using your product. So, it’s only logical that they may write about their experience whether it was a positive or negative one. Other people will see that comment or review and may relate to it and start asking questions about that product. Before you know it, your page will become a discussion forum about your products.

Now, you started this page to achieve a goal in mind that you will increase the sale of your products. But with this growth, you have to take other things in consideration too. Are your customers happy? If not, what are you doing wrong? What do they want to see on your page? What would you want if you were in their place?

Figure out the answers to those question as best as you can and then do you best. The key here is being flexible enough to provide your customers with what they want even if it gets in the way of your initial goal. Make your customers your fans in the literal sense by showing them that you care about them.

Some Tricks For Social Media Marketing

Business 2 Community presented three examples about the importance of flexibility in social media marketing. Here are two of them:

Example #1: A specialty business providing a very specific product for a very specific demographic. This product is purchased via the business’ website. The Campaign began as a tool to generate more interest in the product and sell more units. The Business Page has grown from 2,000 Friends to over 12,000 in 7 months. While selling is still a goal, the Page has become a community for the users of this product to interact with one another, share stories about using the product, and ask questions of the business and to other friends of the page. The marketing team quickly recognized this and changed the campaign to fit the Page and satisfy the Friends.

Example #2: A local Laundromat owner has been successfully running a Social Media Campaign for over 2 years. While the Friends of the Page are not clamoring to engage, they do take full advantage of the coupons and special offers that are provided. In addition to the strategy of providing coupons and special offers the Page Updates provide specific information regarding household tips and general information that would be interesting to sit and read while waiting for your laundry to dry. An unexpected result of the page is that it is being used for customer service. Since there is not always an attendant on duty, when there are problems with the machines, the owner is quickly informed via Facebook posts, giving him the opportunity not only to intervene on a timely basis, but to show the results to other patrons, helping them understand that any problems they have will also be solved.


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