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Snapchat Becomes ‘Snap’ and Rolls Out ‘Snap Inc Spectacles’ to go with it

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 27, 2016 in Social Media News


It’s been so long since we have been using the name ‘Snapchat’ that it feels funny to just call it ‘Snap’. But it is what it is and Snapchat – errr, ‘Snap’ is looking to expand its horizon beyond just a messaging app.

The change of name comes with new features aka ‘Snap Inc Spectacles’ which are $130 a pair. Why the high price? Here are a list of different things that you need to know about Snap Inc Spectacles:

  • There is a camera on the spectacles which can record up to 10 seconds of video just by tapping the button on the side.
  • The camera is wider and is meant to replicate human vision so that the video will look more real through first person point of view.
  • The spectacles are synced with your mobile phone so that you can share the snaps you take with your Snapchat community.
  • The spectacles come in three colors: Black, Teal and Coral. You can choose whichever one you want.
  • These glasses are just going through the test phase now with a limited product distribution to test the waters. The current version of Snap Spectacles does not come with night friendly camera. So, you might want to stick to events that have lots of light if you want your video to be good.

It does have a few faults right now but we hope that evolves into something we will definitely need in our life. Seriously, think about it. You won’t have to hold a camera or mobile phone to capture video. Just tap your glasses to record 10 second video in first person point of view. Isn’t that amazing?


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