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Snapchat Is Rolling Out Multi Snaps for Videos Longer than 10 Seconds

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 19, 2017 in Snapchat/ Social Media Marketing

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With Facebook copying Snapchat’s almost every feature, Snapchat has a tough job of coming up with new and innovative ideas so that people prefer it over the social media giant. Also, with the quarterly income report coming up, Snapchat has to convince the investors of the company’s bright future. So, Snapchat has been rolling out new updates every few weeks to keep it one step ahead of Facebook.

There are two new updates added to the growing list of Snapchat changes this week. The first one is a pretty basic one but a new one nonetheless. It’s the option of adding color to objects in still snaps and it’s called the ‘Tint Brush’. This feature has been rolled out to both the android and the iOS users. You can access it through the ‘scissors’ menu in the app. It works almost exactly like how you highlight some portions of the snaps while editing.

The second feature will only be available for the iOS users for now but the Android version is promised very soon in the near future. This update is called multi snaps. As you can probably guess, it will let you share multiple snaps with your followers. The worth mentioning thing about this update is that it works like the strobe effect in camera (when you take multiple photos in quick succession with perfect timing). You can capture 6 back to back snaps and then you can send all of them together or delete some of them as you like. It will kind of be like a 60 seconds video but in 6 parts. What this means is that you will have the option of (sort of) creating snaps longer than 10 seconds. You will not lose any fragments of the video and snaps will play smoothly.

Another thing to keep in mind with this new update is that while you can delete some of the snaps from the multi-snaps, you can’t change the order in which they appear. They will be ordered chronologically.

It can be a good opportunity for brands to offer more valuable content on Snapchat. They can share more in-depth tutorial videos or interview sessions or other meaningful content with their followers.

This is a pretty big change and it can go both ways. A big part of the appeal for the Snapchat was that it offered short videos which took up less of users’ times. Will users be as excited by the prospect of receiving a minute long rants on Snapchat? That remains to be seen.


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