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How to Set Up An Effective Business Profile on Twitter

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 23, 2014 in Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing


Twitter is one of the best social media networks with around 255 Million active monthly users. You can connect with friends and follow people who share the same interests as you. You can share your daily updates and just about anything on your mind through tweets. Twitter is really fun to use.

But that is not all there is to Twitter. Twitter can also help you set up your business campaign and be a huge platform for increasing your costumers. Anyone can set up a Twitter account but not all of them know how to do it effectively so that their business would benefit from it. There are some simple tricks and tips that will help you build your business on Twitter.

1-Setting Up Your Twitter Account:

Setting up an effective Twitter account is easy if you know what to do. There are four important things that you have to set carefully keeping your business and targets in mind:

1-Your Username:

Your Twitter username should be based upon your brand/business. If your business name is not already taken then it’s great, but if it’s taken, try something similar but don’t use punctuation as it will be a nuisance in typing. Firstly, try to use space to alter you name from the one that’s taken. If you cannot, then use punctuation instead, but make your username descriptive of your business.

2-Your Profile Picture:

Twitter offers you an option to add your profile picture in your account. People who use Twitter for their personal interests often use their own personal photo as an avatar. But for business accounts, personal pictures would not be advisable.

If you want to promote your business on Twitter then you have to use your business logo as your profile picture. It would show up alongside your tweets and people would instantly recognize your brand.

3-Your Header Photo:

Twitter also offers you to choose a header photo that will show up above your profile picture much like Facebook but a lot wider than that. Again, people with personal account may use just about any image for this but business owners have to do things differently.

Take a photo that best describes your business like a photo in which you show your staff working; or if you are a brand owner then you can show people wearing or showing off your products. There are a lot of options but just keep in mind that your header photo should encourage people to take interest in your brand.

4- Set Up Your Profile:

Setting up your profile carefully is of utmost importance. You should fill the entire form on the profile page but there are three boxes that you must fill in order to create a good business profile:


You have to give your customers the location of your business. Don’t be overly specific if you have an international business because people would not be familiar with your town and street address. Just use your city and country and it should be enough.

2-Website Address:

Give your followers your website/blog address on which they can reach your brand and see your products. It would also help you build an audience to your business website/blog and make it popular.

3-Your Bio:

Twitter allows you to give a bio about yourself which can be up to 170 characters. Use these characters wisely and write a short but descriptive bio about your business and how your customers can benefit from it. Your bio will perform a big role in attracting more customers to your brand so write it carefully.

2-Build Your Twitter Community:

Twitter for business

The next step after creating an account is to build your Twitter community. The way to do this is by doing these things:

  • Follow people but the people you follow should not be random. You can follow
    • Your customers and people with interest in your business category.
    • Companies that have the same type of business that you do.
    • Interesting and informative Twitter users
    • Influencers in your field of business
  • Once you start following people, many of them will follow you back if your brand interests them. Take the time to engage with them by responding to their tweets. The key part in any social network in interaction and if you don’t interact then no matter how many followers you gain, it won’t do you any good.
  • Follow back the people who follow you and interact with them too.
  • Make lists in order to manage the people that you’re following. You can choose lists in whatever way you want but it’s best to make lists that separate your customers, colleagues and competitors. This way you can just select one list and you’ll get the news feed only about people included in that list.

3-Make Your First Tweet:

Once you have followed the above mentioned steps, you’re ready to make your first tweet. Twitter allows you to make a tweet with 140 maximum character limit. Choose your words wisely and make your first tweet. Make sure to use hash-tags (#) to your advantage.

A tweet with no hash-tag will only be seen by your followers. On the other hand, a tweet with hash-tag can be seen by all the Twitter users who are reading tweets about that particular hash-tag. Twitter also offers a tool that lets you search for popular hash-tags and then you can use the hash-tag that is most vied by Twitter users.

Now that you have set up an effective Twitter profile, you are ready to enhance your business with a great social media platform that is Twitter.


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