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Reasons Why Brands Should Use Periscope

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 20, 2015 in periscope/ Social Media Marketing/ Twitter Marketing


2015 has proven to be a year of video marketing and brought on a lot of good changes so far. Earlier this year, the launch of Meerkat and Periscope, live-streaming video apps, created quite a phenomenon. Both are almost the same but Periscope seems to be taking the lead despite it being launched later than Meerkat.

Periscope gathered over 1 million users in the first 10 days of its launch. Not only this, but since its launch over a couple of months ago, around 380 years of content has already been watched by Periscope users and 10 years of content is being created on a daily basis. But while a lot of the brands are talking about Periscope, many of them are just watching from the sidelines.

While live-video streaming may not be for every brand, they should find ways to use Periscope in their social media marketing. Lagging behind now may cause difficulties in the future. For those brand managers who are hesitant to use Periscope in their business marketing, below are a few reasons why they should change their minds.

A More Personal Approach:

While you are just a brand owner to your followers, Periscope will allow you to be a little more personal in your approach. You cannot edit your stream if it is broadcasting live and that gives your followers a more real feeling. You appear to your customers with all your flaws (hopefully not too much) and that will create a stronger bond between you and your followers which will eventually result in increased brand loyalty.

More Engagement:

While an edited and polished advertisement may look beautiful, chances are most of the people will not watch it simply because it is an advertisement. People are now conditioned to ignore anything that is a sales pitch for some brand. Using Periscope to advertise your brand will do wonders for your social engagement. You can give a tour of your office, introduce your staff, broadcast a company event, the possibilities are endless. If you broadcast something that is interesting, you will get a lot of social engagement.

Live Question/Answer Sessions:

Periscope lets you broadcast in real time with no lagging seconds (Meerkat lags 30 seconds behind real time) which makes it easier to hold question and answer sessions between you and your followers. The questions will appear in the comment box and you can answer them live.
This will make a real bond between you and your followers and increase brand loyalty which, in turn, may increase you brand sales.

Build Your Profile:

Since Periscope is new, people are watching its videos with an obsession. If you go into it now while it’s still new, you have a chance of building a lot of followers in your niche. So, later when your competitors join Periscope, they will have some catching up to do.

If you do decide that you want to use Periscope in your business marketing, remember that all of the rules about video marketing apply here. You have to be creative, interesting and engaging in your videos. The quality of your videos should be excellent to prevent confusion. If you meet these requirements, viewers will soon follow.


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