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The Power of Authenticity in Social Media Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Dec 06, 2016 in Social Media Marketing


To understand the power of authenticity in social media marketing, we have to first understand what exactly authenticity is. If you search this word on Google, you’ll find many definitions like being sincere, transparent and genuine. We get the literal translation. But what does it mean as a brand?

When doing brand marketing, more often than not, people exaggerate their services. They describe themselves better than they actually are. That’s how marketing work, right? To convince people that there is no one better than you out there? But if we do that, where is the authenticity?
Authenticity is not a metric. It’s not something you can measure. It’s more of a feeling than anything else. People know it when they see it. It’s a gut feeling that detects whether the brand is an authentic one or not.

How to Build Authenticity:

Authenticity is being able to deliver what you are promising. It usually includes three steps:

  1. Finding the potential customers
  2. Connecting with them and offering them a solution to their problem
  3. Deliver exactly what you are offering and be genuine in your approach.
  4. Whatever you do, do not exaggerate your services. Instead try over-delivering. That will go a long way in building brand following and loyalty.

You can call yourself authentic if you don’t come through on your word. If you don’t follow these steps, you will not have long term customers. It’s important that you make your consumers trust your services so that they don’t hesitate in coming back for more.

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Why Authenticity is Important:

Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, if you’re not authentic in your approach, people will not do business with you. With people being constantly bombarded with advertisements promising the best products, they have developed a radar system that detects false promotion from a mile away. You just can’t get away with it. People will unfollow as soon as you appear something you are not.

In addition to this, there are a bunch of other reasons that make being authentic necessary in social media marketing.

Builds Your Brand:

You’ll find that being authentic is a lot easier than being something you are not. From the start, you should always offer services that you are sure that you can deliver in high quality. Don’t waste your breath trying to convince people with your words. Instead, show them why they should buy your products or services by delivering them in high quality.

Be consistent in your approach and soon your brand will have a reputation of delivering exactly what you offer. This kind of reputation is what you need if you want to build a loyal customer base.

Builds Trust:

In today’s digital age, when there are more and more people buying online products and services, people need brands they can trust. After all, no one wants to spend money on something that they know is fake or untrustworthy.

You can build trust by delivering what you offer in time. But if for some reason, your product is delayed, instead of hoping that the customer won’t notice, communicate with them. Tell them the reason they have not received their product or service yet. Why is this important? If you just remain silent, people will think that you are a scam. You’ve taken their money and have no intention of delivering what they paid for. Being that this is a digital age, that customer can leave negative reviews over the internet marking you as less than trustworthy. If that happens, your hard-built reputation will take a lot of damage. So, always communicate as it is the key to being more authentic and it also builds trust.

Builds a Loyal Community:

Happy customers mean that they will leave good reviews over the internet. They might also spread awareness about you through word of mouth. This will help your brand more followers and potential customers. If you remain authentic with your customers, they will become loyal to your brand.
What this means is that if some troll tries to spread negativity about your brand, your loyal community will back you up and get rid of that troll for you. You can see how that will help keep your brand’s reputation safe.


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