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How to Use Pokemon Go to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 02, 2016 in Social Media Marketing

pokemon go

“Pokemon Go” are two words are rolling all over the internet from past few weeks. It is an online game which has become the newest sensation among social media users. People are acting literally crazy over this game. If you are one of the fans of this game then you will be already aware from your personal experience that how interesting and addicting this game is.

Since the launch, the graph of popularity for this app is getting higher day by day. It has actually become more popular than Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. According to recent SensorTower study, amount of time people are spending on this game is much higher than other social networks.
Pokemon Go is a game which forces people to come out of their rooms and walk around the streets in search of these tiny creatures. This feature has actually increased the foot traffic in the neighborhoods and streets. This latest trend is being seen as an opportunity for the social media marketers as well. In this article you will get to know three different ways in which you can use this gaming app for the promotion of your business. Let’s see how this sensational game can bring fortune to your business’s marketing strategy.

Figure out if your location is a PokeStop or Gym:

First of all you have to figure out is there any PokeStop near your location or whether your business location is a PokeStop. PokeStop and Gym is a place where gamers come to collect rewards and to get their Pokemon’s trained so that they could battle against others. If you are a PokeStop or a Gym or you successfully found a Stop near you then all you need to do is create a right strategy to attract the gamers.

First of all, specifically mention on your social media networks that you are a Gym or a PokeStop. Make sure that you are visible to the players as a PokeStop.

1. Add lures in your strategy:

Pokemon Go offers many in-app purchases for users and Lures are one of them. Users can set a lure for the Pokemons for about 30 minutes. This lure is basically set to attract Pokemons but it can actually attract gamers. Gamers see the lure and then come to that location in the search of Pokemons. The real game of marketing starts here after you buy a lure and set it for thirty minutes.

Here it is important to understand that the lures that you are dropping will only bring the gamers to your physical location. It is now your turn to attract these gamers and make them buy your services or products. For example if you are running a café then offer something interesting and cheap for the gamers when they stop by. Make your café a fun place to hang out for gamers while they are waiting for the lure to end.

2. Be a fan of this app yourself and create a Pokemon community:

I know it sounds crazy but trust me your sales will show that being a fan of Pokemon was not a bad idea at all. All you need to do is create a Pokemon lovers community and that is it. You can do this either on your social media networks or you can use your physical location for this. You can use a written board stating that special offers for Poke lovers/ Pokemon community or you can assign discount codes to your online followers if they are willing to be a part of this community.

Moreover encourage people to participate and share their experiences with other players in the community talks. As a business take interest in your follower’s achievements regarding the game. For example, if a player has found a Pokemon and has shared it in the community talks, congratulate him/her. Similarly is someone has found it at your location, mention it on your social media platforms to attract others to come and find theirs. Actively and continuously show your own spirit for this game with other players.

3. Give charging facility to players:

Pokemon Go is a real battery hog for the cell phones. Users will need to charge their phone while they are playing outside. Allow them to come and charge their cells and in the meanwhile allure them to buy your products and services. For example put a sign board outside stating ‘re-charge your phones with power and your bodies with our refreshing shakes’.

For marketers, it is a good time and an opportunity to be a part of this Pokemon trend which is driving everyone crazy and bring their brands in the limelight. This latest trend has a good potential to do wonders for businesses in terms of growth in sales and customers.


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