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Best Platforms For Paid Social Media Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 13, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ LinkedIn/ Social Media Marketing/ Twitter Marketing/ YouTube

Paid social

If you are new to social media marketing, chances are that you want to build your social media presence the organic way. You want to avoid paying extra dollars to reach your target audience. You will try hard to get someone to mention you in their blog, page or profile so that more people will get to know you.

That is all well and good but it will only make a small dent. If you really want to stand against the powerful rivals in your field, the paid advertisement is the best chance that you have got.

Now, when it comes to paid social media marketing, you will not just spend your precious dollars on the first campaign that you come across. Instead, you will want to know which platforms are the best in paid social media marketing so that you will get measurable results. We have made it easy for you.

Here is some of the platforms that are best for paid social media marketing:


Facebook Ad campaign

Facebook‘s advertisement campaigns really do derive results. For a really affordable price, Facebook advertises your page and gives you the detailed statistics as well so that you can look through what worked for your page and what didn’t.

You can also boost a single post for a mere $5. These boosted posts tend to give you more likes and coverage than just a regular page advertisement.

The infographic below by Fusion 360 shows you how you can benefit form Facebook boosted posts.


The brands who should use Facebook ads include the ones who are B2B and B2C marketers; who need both desktop and mobile interfaces; who are interested in audience growth, web traffic and a certain offer promotion.

The minimum cost per click is $0.01 and the minimum daily budget is $1.0.


Twitter ads

Much like any other advertising platform, Twitter offers brands different options in which they can advertise their brand. One of them is promoted tweet. This allows brands to choose their the best and the most creative tweet and target special interests, selected audiences and keywords.

The brands who can use Twitter ads for their social media marketing include the ones who are B2B marketers; want to work on mobile interfaces for their marketing; want web traffic, audience growth and engagement.

The cost is much like Facebook ads. The minimum cost per click is $0.01 and the minimum daily budget is $1.0.

These are only the top 2 marketing platforms with good paid advertisement plans. There are other platforms as well, like LinkedIn, Youtube, Reddit and StumbleUpon. If your brand fits into these platforms then that is fine as well but while small advertisement platforms like Reddit and StumbleUpon may be cheap, they also give you less statistics about your audience. This way you will not be able to judge your brands performance among people accurately.


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