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What Is Pinterest and How Does It work?

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 20, 2014 in Pinterest News/ Social Media News


Pinterest is a really fast growing social network because of its visual themed posts. It’s a known fact that visual social media platforms are making great progress and bringing significant results to the business owners. Pinterest is like Reddit and StumbleUpon in its features and has 70 Million users worldwide.

Most of the people know how to use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ but when it comes to Pinterest , many people don’t even know what it is. Don’t worry if you don’t know these things because at the end of this post you’ll have a pretty good idea about how Pinterest works and what it is used for.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a fun way of organizing and sharing your likes and interests with other people. The name describes it all. Pinterest is a “pinboard” where you can pin things of your “interests”. You can share any picture, video or article on internet that you like and pin it on your Pinterest board. It is basically a bookmarking site but other people can follow you pins too if it interests them.

Also, if you have a website or blog that you would like to drive traffic to, you can add “pin it” button to your site so that people may be able to share your stuff on their Pinterest accounts. You can also spread word about your website/blog by pinning your content on your Pinterest board.

How Does It Work?

There are pages called boards which help in organizing pins in respect to their categories. You can create a board for any category that you can imagine like ants, flying cars or ants riding flying cars. There are no limits. People can follow each of your board if it sits well with their interests.

When you come across something you like on internet, all you have to do is pin it and it will appear on your board. The pin is an image with a small description underneath. When clicked on the image, it becomes enlarged and you are shown an option of visiting the site from which this pin was taken.

In addition to commenting on other people’s pins, you can also like and repin their pins – much like Facebook like and Twitter’s retweet.

This really offers great help in increasing audience to your websites and blogs. A study shows that Pinterest alone can drive almost as much traffic to your website as do Instagram, Google+ and Youtube combined. So, you can see why Pinterest would be a very valuable addition to your business strategy.

What Is Pinterest

The Feature That I Love The Most:

The feature that I love the most in Pinterest is the mechanics of following. People have a choice of following those of your board that interest them instead of following every single one of them. This prevents irrelevant pins from clogging up their feed page. They do not need to follow all of your boards and it is a really great feature which prevents people from getting frustrated.

Also, it negates the need to have different accounts for different purposes. For example, on Twitter most of the people create two profiles; one for their personal use and the other for their business promotions and interests. On Pinterest, there is no need to do so

You can have different boards referring to completely opposite topics under the same account. The followers for each of your board will be different.

Other Things That You Need To Know:

While you can pin on your boards, you can also allow other people to pin on your boards as well. You have the option of creating a board that

  •  Only you can pin to.
  •  You and other selected members can pin to.
  •  Anyone can pin to.

At present, most of the Pinterest users are females but the number of male users is increasing really fast too. In near future, I see the word “pin” on the same league as “like” and “tweet”. At the rate that this site is growing is truly mind boggling. I think that it would not be a mistake to add Pinterest to your marketing strategy along with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.


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