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Periscope Now Allows Screen-shot Sharing In Social Interactions

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 22, 2015 in periscope/ Social Media Marketing/ Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing/ Twitter News


Twitter‘s Periscope has been rolling out updates since the day that it became available on the android and Apple markets. As a result, most of the people who use Meerkat, now use Periscope instead and for good reason because Periscope is better than Meerkat in more ways than one. So, what is the most recent update by Periscope, you ask?

A newer version of Periscope became available today in which viewers can share the screen-shots that they take during your stream. There is also a little icon that lets everyone know that a screen-shot has been taken. This, with other statistics, shows how much popular a stream is.

It is a great feature because instead of sharing dry links for a Periscope stream, users can now share some interesting screen-shots from that stream as well. Because the links that have nothing to show about what is going on are very less likely to be clicked on.

Also, this screen-shot sharing will increase the amount of people that the stream has reached. So, you can see how this will benefit brands who use Periscope for their social media marketing. The more people that the stream reaches, the more likely the chances are that you will get new followers.

Periscope is taking video marketing to a whole new level. So, if you haven’t already been using Periscope in social media marketing strategies, I suggest that you look into it and see what it has to offer for your brand.


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