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Periscope is Meeting Facebook Live Head-On by Making Streams Permanent

By Alex Neil Posted May 10, 2016 in periscope/ Social Media News/ Twitter News


Periscope was launched in response to the popularity of the first live-streaming app that made a huge spectacle on Twitter aka Meerkat. But then people started to use Periscope and Twitter so much that Facebook began to notice. So, in response to Twitter’s Periscope, it rolled out Facebook Live which became instantly popular because of the one thing it offered that Periscope didn’t.

The biggest disadvantage Periscope had to FB Live was that its broadcasts disappeared after 24 hours of the initial streaming. Facebook Live, on the other hand, offered permanent broadcast that stays there unless the user deletes it.

Now, it seems that Periscope has found a solution.

You just have to add the #save to your tweet and your broadcast will stay permanently, unless you delete it yourself. As Twitter said, this is just the Beta version. The full app update will be released in about a few weeks, which will set broadcasts to stay permanent by default.

You can change the default setting if you don’t want your broadcasts to stay more than 24 hours. You can also delete the broadcast after it has been streamed whenever you want. So, it’s a win-win for all the people whether they want permanent broadcast or they don’t want it.

There is still a little bit of a hiccup because you cannot start a live stream from within Twitter, you have to start it using Periscope. On the other hand, FB Live lives entirely inside Facebook, which makes it easier to broadcast live. But that may or may not be a hindrance because the people who love Twitter are probably going to use Periscope, no matter what.


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