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How to Get People to Respond to Your Emails

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 26, 2017 in Business/ Email Marketing

email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best media though which you can market your brand. But while it’s easy to send emails to potential or already existing customers, they are even easier to be ignored. There are many ways that you can craft and email that will improve your chances to get a reply. But, before we dive into those, let’s take a look at the reasons why emails are usually ignored, shall we?

Here they are:

  • Most of the time, emails get ignored because people are busy. They are swamped by work or other responsibilities and unless the subject of the email screams URGENT to them or they are anticipating a certain email, the rest of the emails go to the ignored pile.
  • The second reason that emails get ignored is because of stress. When people are stressed about their finances, they often tend to put off emails that are asking them to spend their money right off the chart, even if they are related to bills and resolving a conflict.
  • The next reason the emails get ignored because they annoy people. When they are bombarded with emails they don’t care about enough, they ignore those emails. Sometimes, even if they care about something a little, if they receive a lot of emails from the same sender, they tend to get annoyed.
  • Another reason is that they already have a ton of emails that they need to respond to. So, unless the email has a subject line that catches their attention, they will likely ignore it.

So, now that we understand why emails get ignored, here are a few ways you can craft an email that will help you get a reply.

1- Catchy Subject Line:

This is the most important thing and you need to definitely work on it if you want people to notice your emails. If you use your email account regularly, you must have noticed that a certain type of emails catch your attention more. For me, it’s the emails with lists in them. I mean, who could ignore carefully crafted lists based on actual statistics and data? But for you, it could be completely different. But there are a few things that generally work in a subject line and they are:

  • As I said before, the numbered lists make a great subject line that the user wants to click in order to read more.
  • Making it personal by addressing the receiver helps. Try adding the word ‘you’ in an engaging context.
  • Make people want to click on the email but don’t use unnecessary cliffhangers. They usually tend to annoy people. Tell them exactly what they will find in the email.
  • Most of the people are natural at procrastinating. So, make your email sound urgent so that people don’t put it to the back burner.
  • Use unique and eye-catching words in whatever niche your brand falls in.
  • Also, add a factory of urgency, classy humor and make the receiver of the email feel like you can solve their certain problem.

2- Make Your Email Short:

Since people don’t have a lot of time at their hands, they tend to skip it and if they skip it, how can they respond appropriately?

So, if you send long emails, even if you have worded them carefully, may decrease your chances of getting a response. It’s not just casual speculation, a couple of authentic studies have also concluded that shorter emails tend to get more responses than long and rambling emails. So, if you want to improve your chances of getting a response, you need to create short, concise emails that demand people to respond.

3- Send Emails at Peak Time:

Just like social media posts, you need to keep in mind that emails also tend to get better response if sent in a certain time window. After all, you will not get a response if the user never actually sees the email or it gets pushed down under a lot of emails.

The usual times that people tend to read their emails is between 8:00 to 10:00 AM and 3:00 to 4:00 PM (local time). That’s the time people are usually at their desks and going through their emails. If they receive your email in this time, you will likely get a spot on top of their inbox. And that will improve your chances of getting noticed and they may respond to you.

4- Persuade People to Respond:

Now that they are actually reading your email, word your email carefully so that people are actually tempted to respond. Give them a proper call to action so that they can’t ignore you.

Also, another thing that you can do is make them feel like they should respond because you’ve given them something or some offer with no strings attached. For example, give them some exclusive offer just because they are your potential buyer or customer. The reason why this works is that people usually want to respond to a kind gesture by doing one in return. This way, they will feel like they owe you and they will likely pay that ‘debt’ by responding to your email.


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