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How To Optimize Your Photos For Facebook Posts

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 13, 2014 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media News

Facebook Tips

Visuals have a better chance of attracting people than written content. People are so busy now that they just take a look at all the things on their news feed on Facebook and skip the ones that are intimidating (a.k.a. long paragraphs).

Instead of making posts that are full articles and force people to read them to understand their point, make posts that grip the audience at first glance. Use graphic images and photos to attract audience. Once they are attracted, they are more likely to like and comment on your posts.

Written description should be very short because now people don’t have time to read reports and articles. They like to move through their news feed fast because they have a lot of connections that they want to follow up. So keep your posts short, to the point and interesting. Add photos which explain to your audience what you post is all about.

But the real question is how to make the best photo posts on Facebook. This post will show you the technicalities and concepts behind an ideal Facebook photo post.


Facebook now accepts JPG, PNG and GIF files. JPGs are best if you have images with blended colors or photos. But if you are making images that have text or graphics, it is best to save them as PNG files. PNG files appear fine on Facebook. It is best if you do not use GIFs as they are lower in quality than PNGs but if you have a GIF image that you want to use, feel free to upload it because Facebook shows GIF images too.


While it may seem like photo size doesn’t matter, it does. Because if you upload photos that are shorter than the optimum size required for Facebook posts, your photo will either blur or it will be shown in its exact size (which will be short compared to the other photo posts). So, it is best if you know the optimum size required for Facebook posts. The optimum size is 403 px X 403 px. Make sure that the size of your photos is at list this much.


Tell a story about your photo. Explain what is happening in the photo or what the photo is all about. Make it interesting. People love to read human stories that lie in those pictures because, you know, people in general are very nosy.


Facebook Photo Optimization

Link back to the site that you want your followers to visit. It can be a landing page, a website, a blog, an online store or whatever you want it to be. If you have something that is related to your photo and you want your fans to see, do not forget to place links.


Make a schedule and try to stick to it no matter what happens. Posting regularly will keep you fresh in your followers’ minds. If you post less frequently, people will begin to lose interest in you. It can also cost you your followers. So, decide on number of posts you want to make per day or per week and then try to act on that decision as best as you can.


You must have realized in your life that most of the people are nosy and they want to know your personal matters. Same thing applies on Facebook. Keep your people entertained by posting some personal experiences and happenings. But in doing so, keep in mind that your posts should be relative to your page topic.

Even if your business is not product based and there are not a lot of products to take photo, you can still post interesting photos. You can take a photo of where you work, how your employees work, your office, your locality or just about anything and post it and connect with people.

Remember, people like to work with actual people. So if you just post about your products and don’t show them your personality and introduce yourself then you won’t get as much followers as you can get otherwise.

People like this kind of stuff and they will get a chance to connect with you which works in your favor because it would increase your chances of getting more likes and comments. Keep in mind that, the posts with lots of likes and comments are considered quality posts on Facebook.


Keep in mind that what you post should be based upon what your followers would like to see. Get yourself on their level and think what would interest you more. By doing this, you’ll get an idea as to what would get more popularity among your followers. Remember, people won’t care about your posts and move on unless you give them a reason to do otherwise.


Social Media is really progressing into something much bigger than we can imagine. This progress cannot be managed without certain changes. Every now and then, social media sites apply some changes that affect the way your page will be viewed by your customers. You have to be flexible and make your posts in such a way that will keep your audience connected to you. In the end, we all have to adapt to the changes around us in order to be able to survive and progress.

These tricks are in no way a complete guide for your perfect Facebook marketing but they will prove to be really helpful in your way to become a force to be reckoned with.


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