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Meerkat Takes One More Step Towards Independence on Twitter

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 10, 2015 in Facebook News/ Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing/ Twitter News

Facebook Meerkat

Back in January, Meerkat created quite a stir by introducing live streaming videos on Twitter. But what they did wrong or should I say, what bit them in the end was the fact that they depended totally on Twitter for its social progress. What did Twitter do? It acquired and launched a similar app called ‘Periscope’ which also streamed live videos but with addition of private streaming and replays of old broadcasts.

But Twitter did not stop there! It also cut of Meerkat’s access to Twitter‘s social graph. Which then led to people having to manually follow people in Meerkat instead of automatically following the people they do on Twitter. That was really inconvenient for both Meerkat users and Meerkat itself. But Meerkat founder Ben Rubin did not back down and he said that “the product is here to stay, the team is here to stay, and definitely the vision is here to stay.”

Twitter vs Periscope

Since then, a digital battle has been going on between Meerkat and Periscope with both the apps trying to one up the other. Now it seems that Meerkat is finally trying to make itself independent of Twitter.

Almost two months ago, Meerkat added Facebook support to its video streaming. That enabled Facebook users to watch Meerkat videos if they were shared over Facebook. For Twitter videos they still had to have a Twitter account.

Now Meerkat has taken one more step towards freedom from Twitter. Meerkat is now making friends with the number one platform in social media marketing a.k.a. Facebook. Now people can sign up for Meerkat through Facebook instead of just Twitter. It also added a feature that enabled people to save live streams in Meerkat Library instead of on your phone.

This step is in response to its ‘breakup’ with Twitter. Before, it seemed that Periscope will beat Meerkat but now it appears that Meerkat is really here to stay.


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