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How to Master Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Successful Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 03, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media Marketing

messenger chatbots

If you are a service or product based brand, you must get many inbox messages in your Facebook account regarding some issue or inquiry by your customers. You also know that people who send those questions expect you to answer right away and don’t really have the patience.

For example, if they are looking to buy a product from you, they will ask about its functionality, price or some other related query. If you don’t reply to them in a timely manner (from the customer’s perspective), they will likely look for that product from some other retailer or brand. And that’s not in your brand’s best interest.

But the issue is that you can’t really be online 24/7 unless you have a dedicated customer service team dedicated for this task. So, what to do? This is where Facebook Messenger chatbots come in play. They have been a huge success over the past year and if you are not yet using them, it’s high time that you change that.
Here are some tips that will help you get started with Facebook chatbots the right way.

Customer Feedback:

The first step to creating the best chatbots is to always be open to suggestions. Never forget that your customers should be your first priority. What they want and prefer should be the deciding factor about any decision you make about your brand, products or even chatbots. Use a chatbot builder that makes it easier for you to change and edit it as you want.

You can ask for feedback at the end of each chat to ask customers whether they are satisfied with your chatbot. Then incorporate any feedback you get in your chatbot so that your customers stay happy and loyal to your brand. This step is necessary when you are just starting out with using chatbots.

Create The Most Useful Chatbots:

As you handle your brand and customer service, you must already know the type of queries that you get asked often. Create chatbots that are in accordance with those queries so that you can focus on the unusual questions that your customers ask. This will allow your customer service to be better and more satisfying for your customers.

Educate Your Customers:

You can’t just launch your chatbot and expect your customers to find their way around it themselves. You need to educate your customers about your chatbot and how it works. Tell them its name, its purpose, how it will serve them and what exactly will they gain from it. It will be like the manuals you get with products that are instructive about every aspect of the product that it comes with.

Focus on the ‘Voice’:

If you have an established brand or even if you have a fairly new brand, you must already have decided about the voice of your brand. This voice is unique to your brand and sets the tone for its customer interactions. Since you have put time and effort in establishing this voice, it’s only logical that this voice shines through in your chatbots as well. Chatbots should give your customers a personal experience that makes them feel as if they are talking to your brand’s representative directly. You can achieve that by make your chatbot send messages and instructions in a way that you would normally talk to your customers.

High Security:

Since your chatbot will be ‘talking’ to your customers, sometimes sensitive information like addresses, contact information etc. will be shared. You need to have the highest security in place with proper authorization and authentication so that your customers feel safe sharing that information. This should be one of your priorities because people need to feel safe when sharing their information online where anything can be hacked.

Have a Backup Team Ready:

No matter how detailed and efficient you make your chatbot, it will not be perfect. Sometimes, it will make mistakes in correctly understanding your customer’s queries or it could sometimes not know the answer to some question. Make sure that you have a team that’s dedicated to pick up on these mistakes because if you don’t take them into notice, your customer service will be affected and your brand loyalty may get a hit.


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