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Why Marketing Is Not the Job For the Lazy

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 27, 2016 in Social Media Marketing


Marketing is directly related to the latest trends in the market and among people. Marketing is not a set pattern job. Currently, businesses have become highly dynamic because we do not live in the static business environment anymore. Due to the frequently changing environment, the job of a marketing person is getting tough day by day as he has to make sure that his marketing campaign is coping successfully with the changing needs and trends of the industry. In addition to this, it’s getting very difficult to grab the attention of audience towards your business due to the intense competition. The number of brands is increasing with each passing day and as a result, the competition rate is higher.

Social media platforms were once the heaven for marketers because this was such a great way to get recognition in the public by posting stuff on your page/profile. Ad blocking concept was not very common then so companies enjoyed high engagement rate. However, today’s audience has become so much aware of the ways they can use to block an advertisement and this is a big reason of low engagement rate on social media platforms. This whole situation has further increased the hardships of a marketer.

Due to the reasons discussed above, it is not wrong to say that marketing jobs are not easy. Continuous efforts are required to get the satisfactory results in form of high engagement rate and audience’s response. Now, I’m going to share some key points that must be kept in mind while working on the marketing campaign in order to get more engagement in this competitive environment.

Rightly target your audience:

Targeting the audience is the key driving force of any marketing campaign. Before stepping ahead, a business needs to decide the audience it wants to target. It is the most important task to do if business wants to make the most of its marketing campaigns. Setting the target audience enables business to choose the right and most appropriate path of marketing. Targeting audience helps business to market in most attractive and appealing way. Targeting audience actually helps business in the formation of marketing strategy. Let’s understand this concept through a simple example.

Let’s say you are dealing in clothing business. If your target audience is young people then your advertisements should include more fun and adventure element because youth is more likely to attract towards something that is entertaining. However if you are going to target middle aged audience then for such audience, a combination of entertainment and comfort will be more appropriate.

Marketing is a way of communication between business and the audience. Targeting will allow business to understand the real needs and expectations of audience. This understanding will ultimately assist business in forming the most appropriate marketing path. By doing this, you will be indirectly saying to your audience that you care for them and they are your priority.This is also a good way to create an emotional connection with your audience.

Become an initiator/ thought leader:

As I said before, marketing is a bridge between you (business) and tour audience. It creates a connection and a relationship between audience and business. Like every other relation, this bond will last longer if you are putting your cent percent and genuine efforts. Otherwise, this link will become weaker and weaker.

In order to create a deeper bond, you have to offer your audience something that is different from others. Bringing uniqueness and creativity in your marketing is a very important factor. If you have nothing new to offer and you are just going with the flow then don’t expect overwhelmed response from the audience. Don’t be afraid of becoming an initiator. There are many ways of becoming an initiator and different from others.Provide your audience useful and practical information along with the marketing of your products.

Similarly, give your audience some industry insight by sharing industry related information with them.
Here, it is important to mention that when you decide to be a differentiator then make your mind to face some real critics as well because it takes a lot of efforts and time for humans to accept change and uniqueness. Do not expect overnight success.

Move into new realms:

Another good way to come into the limelight is by experiencing new things that you haven’t tried before. Explore new ways and channel of marketing in order to increase your followership. For example first of all try to find a product that complements your own product. Contact with the company producing that complimentary product and arrange an event in collaboration with that company. In this way, both businesses will be helping each other to have an exposure among each other’s audience which will surely help both companies to increase the engagement rate and followers. Here, let me explain through an example what does a complimentary product means. Biscuits will be a complimentary product for tea similarly for a juice manufacturing business, another business which manufactures chips will be a complementary business.

Moreover representing latest happening in your marketing campaign helps businesses a lot in their marketing activities. Search for something that has become the center of attention and interest of people and try to add this info in your marketing strategy to get the best out of it. Recently Pokemon mania hit the whole world and smart businesses used this craze of public for their own interests in various different ways.

Always try to be aware of your surroundings and reflect it with your posts and other marketing techniques. This portrays a business in a positive way and helps to get positive recognition in the audience because it gives audience a sense that business care about its surroundings and it is not being operated by some robots.


When it comes to marketing, late decisions can cost a business a lot. Laziness is the real culprit in the failed marketing strategy. Being positive and energetic in the marketing campaigns, reflecting latest happenings and always being informed of any changes in the industry is the real key of success for every business in marketing decisions.


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