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How To Manage Multiple Accounts On Instagram

By Alex Neil Posted Jun 03, 2016 in Instagram Marketing/ Instagram News/ Social Media Marketing/ Social Media News


Within a short period of time, Instagram has become the most popular photo sharing app of all time. With the increase in popularity, use of the app is becoming unstoppable not only on personal level but also for business purposes. For those users who have only one account of this app, there was never an issue. However here the question is “what to do when you have more than one account and you want to switch between them easily?”.

In the past, unfortunately there was no native feature introduced regarding this and it was quite a big issue for people having more than one account. Users were compelled to find alternative solutions to sort out the problem. For example, a copy of Instagram app had to be installed with another account signed in. This was highly time consuming and complicated way off course and for some android devices this method was less supportive.

But now is the time to say goodbye to these complications because the most awaited feature of this photo sharing app has been introduced officially. Just update your app to the latest version and you are already half way through to the switching between multiple accounts. Finally…. time to rejoice!

With the latest addition of feature, users can use and manage up to five Instagram accounts simultaneously. Here is the guide on how can you add an account and then switch between all your accounts without having to log in and log out.

First of all we will learn how to add an account on your Instagram app. To do this, follow the following steps.

Step 1. In the first place, click on the profile icon that is on the bottom right corner of your screen. when you tap on it you the profile page will be popped open

Step 2.  Go the settings icon  which is on the top right corner of your screen and scroll down to find the “Add Account option “. When you click on this option, you will be taken to a new screen which will require your log in details.

Step 3. All you have to do is sign in with another account details and enjoy the new experience which is convenient and time saving as well.

Once you have signed in with additional account(s), you will not be required to sign in again when you want to switch the account.  Now the tutorial steps for switching between different accounts are shown below.

Step 1. To switch between accounts, go to the profile page again and tap on the user name which is shown on the top of the profile screen.

Step 2. By tapping, you will see all your accounts that are activated and added to the app so you just pick the desired one that you want to use. On selection, you will see a green banner indicating that you have successfully switched to another account.

There is an alternative method to switch between accounts as well. You just hold on to the profile icon (on the right bottom corner of screen) for a few seconds until a new window popped up with different user names list. Select the desired user name from the list and you have successfully switched to another account.

For the accounts you have turned on the notifications, you will get push notifications. If you want to log out of any account at any point of time, just switch to that specific account and then go to the settings icon i.e. on the right upper corner of profile page. Scroll down to the settings window and you will see the option stating log out from the relevant account right after the add account option.

This recent update in the app version has made the life of social media managers much easy. This new feature is easy to use and it is much less time consuming.


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