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Should You Consider Live-Streaming in Social Media Marketing?

By Alex Neil Posted Apr 25, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ meerkat/ periscope/ Social Media Marketing/ Twitter Marketing

facebook live

Video live broadcasts have been really popular since Meerkat’s launch in Spring 2015 and since then Twitter’s Periscope, Blab and Facebook Live have come to steal the show as well. The reason they are so popular among users is that these apps are designed for smartphone users on the go.

With really cool and cheap internet data plans now a days, people can live stream their life from anywhere they go. The use of smartphones has really been increased by double over the past few years and you will rarely see a mobile phone in someone’s hands that is not a smartphone.

The question is, with live-streaming videos being so much popular, is it time for your business to consider it in your social media marketing too?

Here is a list of the benefits of video live broadcasts:

More Engagement:

Over the past decade, TV shows have grasped the value of pairing their live broadcasts with social media platforms like Twitter. There is something about the potential of being mentioned or participating in a live broadcast of a TV show that is really appealing to people. The engagement rate goes off the charts!

If you have watched live shows of America’s Got Talent, you surely know what I mean.

The same thing applies to live broadcasts by people’s favorite brands. They take part in that stream by commenting more and more. The engagement rate goes even higher if you respond to your viewers’ comments that they just posted because it lets people know that you care about what they have to say.

Your Brand is Noticed More:

Yes, the user base of live streaming apps is not really that big compared to social media giants but if you use Twitter’s Periscope or Facebook Live, your stream is bound to get more noticed than your normal video post. Why? If you use Periscope, Twitter sends out a Tweet to your followers letting them know that you are live with a link to your stream. If you use Facebook Live, Facebook sends out a notification to your fans that you are live with a link to your broadcast.

Both of these drive more and more audience to your stream and then they comment and engage to you live broadcast. It really is a very good situation to be in as a brand.

Higher Conversion Rate:

People are more likely to trust you if they are interacting with you in real time. Almost face to face. There is a huge chance that they will like you and your brand if you play your cards right. And if they like you, the chance of them converting to your business just got bigger. You get my point.

These are just a few but really motivating benefits for you to consider adding live streaming videos in your social media and content marketing if you haven’t consider it already. The sky rocketing popularity of live streaming videos just proves that the current age is the age of video marketing.


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