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Would Linking Your Instagram and Facebook Profiles Help Your Business?

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 04, 2014 in Facebook Marketing/ Instagram Info/ Social Media News

Instagram Does Really Well With Facebook

Instagram is a photo and video sharing website that has become a part of millions of people’s lives. Instagram’s features are (intentionally or unintentionally) business friendly. It’s a great platform because all of your posts will make it to the news feed of your followers for them to view them.

According to Forrester Research, out of 7 social media networks that they’d studied, Instagram was the most prominent in helping the business owners gain more audience. While the engagement rate of the other networks was 0.1 %, Instagram showed 4.21 % engagement rate. So, you can see why business owners would consider including Instagram in their business campaign as well.

Should You Connect Your Facebook And Instagram Profiles?

It’s a known fact that Instagram is owned by Facebook. So, it’s obvious why people would want to connect their Intagram profiles to their Facebook ones. In fact, according to a research, almost 20 percent of the Instagram users connect their profiles to Facebook.

But, when it comes to social media marketing, is it wise to connect your Facebook and Instagram profiles? People cannot be expected to follow you on every platform that you use in your business campaign. It’s their choice to choose the platform that they want to follow you on.

The common mistake that newbies make is that they post the same content on every platform they use and then expect the same result on every platform. That cannot happen as the nature of each platform differs from the other.

The point is, Facebook is second best to Instagram when it comes to photo sharing. And since Instagram and Facebook have a bond between them, it will not hurt to connect your Instagram profile to you Facebook one. By doing so, you are showing you Facebook fans that you have an Instagram profile too. You are giving your audience an option to follow you on Instagram if they like.

Besides, let’s say you have party planning business. You have awesome photos of beautiful events, behind the scenes and so much more on your Intagram profile. Wouldn’t it be better if you share those on you Facebook page as well? Your fan base will increase drastically.

How To Link Your Instagram And Facebook Page Together?

How to make your business stand out on Instagram

While it is easy for you to connect your Instagram and Facebook profiles together, it is a little bit different when it comes to linking your Facebook page to Instagram. But don’t worry, it is easy.

Step I:

Log into your Instagram app and Facebook app on your smartphone. (It’s necessary that you are the admin of the page that you want to link your Instagram profile to.)

Step II:

Open the Instagram app and click on the lower right tab and then click the wheel on the upper right corner. A new window will open. Click the “Share Settings” button.

Step III:

Click on the Facebook button. Follow the steps and sign in to your Facebook account. Do not touch anything and just let it load your profile in peace. After that, you will be given an option whether you want to share what you like on Instagram on your Facebook profile. Click “No” if you don’t want that to happen. Now you will be able to see that you Facebook profile is mentioned on the Facebook button.

Step IV:

Click on the Facebook button and you will see “Wall (default)” in front of “Share Photos to”. Click it and you will now be given an option to choose which page you would like to connect to. Select that page and you’re good to go!


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