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The Key Features of Facebook’s new page design

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 08, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Facebook News/ Social Media News


Facebook surfing is the most common and frequent thing we all do whenever we get free time. It’s a really user friendly platform and day by day it is getting more convenient to use. Recently Facebook introduced a new layout for pages to make them more captivating as well as convenient for the users.

Latest design has three columns i.e. one column shows the posts shared by pages and the other two columns provide information. Let’s have a look on the recent changes that have been applied by Facebook.

Display picture/ Profile picture:

According to the latest design, profile picture is shown on the upper left corner of the screen in a box with a white boundary line. By default, it is displayed as a 160 pixel square however Facebook recommends to use a 180 pixel scale image which is downscaled a little when you upload it. This feature of downscaling is same as before. If you are using larger image then it will be uploaded after making it fit to the screen.

Page Title:

Title of the page is displayed below the Profile picture and in black large fonts. If title of the page is of normal length then it is displayed in the horizontal line however if name of the page is bigger than size of the column does not change. Rather the name is wrapped across the lines if horizontal limit exceeds which means the title is displayed in more than one lines.

Underneath the title, it is the place of page’s username. Whatever the name of your page is, “@” is added at the beginning of it. Let’s say, Urban Culture is the username of a Facebook page. According to the new system, this username will be shown as ‘@urbanculture’. This new advancement is quite similar to Twitter but is important to understand that it is not linked to Twitter anyway.

List of tabs:

After the username, list of tabs is displayed. Previously there were two sections of tabs i.e. one section underneath the cover photo and the second section was shown down the side of page. However, now the tabs are viewed in form of a list which contains standard tabs as well as customized tabs that is added by the admin. For admin view, along with the set of tabs (standard and customized), an additional tab with the name ‘manage tabs’ will also be displayed. Using this tab, admin can add or remove any tab and he can change the order of the tabs as well.

When the list of tabs ends, there are two different types of buttons. For those users who own a page there is a “promote button” and for other users, an option of create page is displayed just after the tab’s list. By clicking on the promote button, you are taken to a new window which is like more alike ads manager. You can make basic ads using it to promote your page.

Cover photo:

According to the new system, cover photo is displayed in more big size than before. For users of small monitors, now the cover photo is way more dominant than before. Latest dimensions for cover photo are 828 pixels for width and 315 pixels for length. If you are using mobile marketing then keep in mind that for mobile browsers, 133 pixels on right and left side are hidden. This is because 563 pixels matched up with the width of the middle column of posts on mobile phones.

CTA bar:

CTA bar is the abbreviation of call to action bar. This CTA bar is displayed beneath the cover photo and it has two or three icons.

First box:

This call to action bar starts with a like button stating like this page. By clicking on this button, users can like/unlike the page. If you pint your mouse on this like button, there are four option for user in total. If user selects the see first option then all posts of the page will be shown in the news feed of user’s account on priority basis. By choosing default, the posts are shown according to the orders of posts in the newsfeed.
User can select ‘notification on’ option if he/she wants to get notifies about each and every posts made by the page. However notifications are kept off by default.

Second box:

This is the message button which is sometimes shown or sometimes it is invisible. If it is shown on any page that means other users can send message to the page. If it is not visible on the CTA bar then it indicated that page admin had disabled the option of messages.

Third box:

By pointing the mouse on this box, different options come to your way like save, report page, block page etc.
After these two or three boxes, you can see a big blue box on the right corner of the CTA bar. You can set different narration on this button according to your preferences like contact us, call now, use app, play game etc.

Middle column:

The middle column is shown all the posts that a page has made. For users who don’t own any page, everything is just like before in this column. However for those users who own a page on Facebook, an additional box stating “this week” can be seen below the option of create a post.

Right column:

At the top of this column, you can see a box showing the nature of the Facebook page. For example, if you are an online seller of clothes, you page will fall in the category of clothing. Beneath this category box, there is a search box which allows users to filter the required information or post conveniently. After this search box, a section with title ‘About’ comes. This section is actually customized by the page owners/admins. Mostly phone numbers, websites and other such information is added in this section.

Page owners will see some insight information as well in this about section. For example information like page feed, number of likes etc. will be there for the page owners. After the about section, there is an “App” section which works much like same as it worked in the old layout.


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