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Jack Dorsey Is Expected To Become Twitter CEO Permanently

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 01, 2015 in Social Media News/ Twitter News

Jack Dorsey

According to a report by re/code, Twitter board is considering making Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey its permanent CEO. It is not unexpected considering that Dorsey has a huge hand bringing Twitter to the level that it is at now. Also, he has been the interim CEO of Twitter for 4 months now and has been doing everything that can benefit Twitter and Twitter employees seem to be comfortable working under him.

Twitter‘s CFO, Anthony Noto and it’s revenue chief, Adam Bain reportedly want Dorsey to become CEO too so long as he wants the job. This could also be a wise decision because founders usually garner more trust and loyalty than any random person. Any CEO who is from outside will be judged in every action and critiqued about every decision that he makes. But since Dorsey is actually one of the founders of Twitter, no one will question is loyalty and authority. And because he has the authority, he can modify Twitter in order to appeal to the large masses.

Twitter is a really good platform but only for those who are either celebrities or news media. All the others basically do not get much out of Twitter. You would mostly see fans or haters of certain social figures on Twitter. People who don’t have such interests usually get bored using Twitter. They are active in the starting 2- 3 months of making their Twitter accounts and then their accounts gradually become inactive.

That is probably the reason that Twitter could only gather 28 million users in 6 months, getting its user base from 288 million to 316 million while on the other hand, Instagram gained 100 million users in just nine months getting its user base from 300 million to 400 million.

If Jack Dorsey does become the permanent twitter CEO, hopefully he will make some changes that would appeal to not only celebrities, news persons and media parties but general public as well.


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