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Why isn’t your business getting more Twitter Followers?

By Alex Neil Posted Jun 03, 2013 in Twitter Marketing

Why isn’t your business getting more Twitter Followers?

As social media marketing is king now a days, sites related to this field like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, have gotten importance on much more extreme levels than they ever had in the history. Therefore, it’s a basic requirement to get more and more Facebook likes, Google+ votes, Twitter followers, and others to enhance your business at present. If you are interested in joining Twitter for your business promotion, you’ll have to do all the basic Twitter settings and fulfill the requirements to get ready to move and make your social impact.

You’ve set up all? Great! Then why isn’t your graph of Twitter followers raising high enough to satisfactory level? Even when you’re trying your best to promote your business and are following great organizations, brands, and people for this purpose. Let’s check some important causes:

You’re talking all about you:

It’s a very simple phenomenon that if we meet someone and listen about his habits, life style or business, we also want to tell about us. And when the other person shows no interest in listening and continue to talk about himself, it becomes hard to tolerate this one sided conversation. Eventually we say good bye and leave that person. Same rule applies in Twitter with no difference. Analyze your tweets. Are your tweets all about your business or services? Aren’t your posts offering some value to your followers? If your analysis replies “Yes” then reconsider it. Change this habit by shifting your conversation to the points your customers care about.

You’ve lack of tweeting activity:

Regular interaction with your audience and tweeting is necessary for a stronger bond with them. If you aren’t responding your followers in time and if your followers aren’t feeling your sufficient contribution to their Twitter feed, it’s not unexpected if they unfollow you. So be a regular tweeter and avoid disappearing for a long time period, as in case of letting your Twitter account go dry or inactive for a while, your followers can assume your account as dead.

Your behavior is overly aggressive or abusive:

If you’re venting your frustrations about your routine life occurrences over a social platform then avoid Twitter. Perhaps it’s not the right avenue for this purpose. It may affect the growing number of your followers. So if you want to get more twitter followers, avoid aggressive behavior.

You’ve no clear concept of your presence on Twitter as your first choice:

Like your competitors you’ve done, it’s not an appropriate reason to have a Twitter account. You need a better and solid reason to make it worthy. Your goals must be more important and preferable than your competitor’s act. What are your goals? They may be promotion of your business, finding customers, sharing knowledge of your products and latest offers or your career establishment as an expert. But remember, your significant presence on Twitter depends on how clear your goals are.

You aren’t on the right place:

Sometimes it happens that you find less active audience on Twitter. That’s why your efforts show lack of results you expect. Don’t worry and try other social networks. It isn’t strange that your business requirements or your goals may be targeted with better opportunities via Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, as every social platform has its own wide social circle.


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