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Impacts of Social Media Optimization: Is SEO finally dead?

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 24, 2013 in Google Marketing/ SEO/ Social Media News


Since Google search results are now mostly stuffed with ads and all, optimizing websites to get organic rankings is becoming almost useless. As per the current research, social media optimization might be the reason and a great alternative to SEO.
Businesses today need to rethink over their social media optimization and marketing strategies. A client-centric approach should give more positive results as compared to a strategy of just setting up an online website and optimizing it for Google to get hits.

SEO lived so long. And it’s not a doubt that it is still living. However, it has got a bit weak, due to the fact that Social Media Optimization (SMO) is taking over its place. Before, it took only a decent amount of content and a couple of back-links to get higher rankings in search engines, but now the scenario has changed. SEO has turned into a more client-centric platform in terms of site speed, content, domain authority, cross-platform compatibility, and other aspects. However, with social networks topping the chart, it is a wise act to combine both the SEO and SMO tactics. Focus on both the platforms together without missing any one of it.

As the recent studies show, SEO is nearly about to die. The process has already started. According to some people, Google is now dedicating ¼ part of its results pages to organic results and while the rest of it displays just the ads. According to another research, social media is giving great benefits to businesses with Google ads. And a trend of localized and personalized results show that mobile surfers are highly increasing. Nowadays, there are more mobile internet users than those operating from different platforms.

The best online marketing practice for 21st century is to combine both SEO and SMO. However, you should focus more on social media optimization and using a client-centric approach will definitely help you out in that aspect.

Social media optimization is all about giving the best to your users. Expand your circle and share things that draw the attention of your users. Have a real-time conversation with your users and you’ll definitely find some of them interested in buying your products/services. Use different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more. A great customer service from you through your social media existence will give strong reasons to your customers to buy your products.

SEO may not be fully dead but it surely depends how SMO does in the upcoming time. What are your opinions regarding this? Is SEO dead or does it need a revamp and reconsideration? Express your opinions via the below comments box. I’d be happy to hear from you!


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