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Instagram’s New Chic Look – Do You Like It?

By Alex Neil Posted May 12, 2016 in Instagram Info/ Instagram News/ Social Media News


While there have been changes and updates coming thick and fast for Facebook, Facebook Live and Messenger, Instagram has not been falling behind. After the introduction of Instagram ads, expected Algorithmic news feed and Instagram for Business, the company has now changed the way it looks – both inside and out.

The change has not been an easy one because people got so attached with Instagram’s icon that they started to make their own interpretations of its logo and even make Instagram cakes! So, to make a change that will sit well with the more than 400 million users must have been an incredibly difficult and challenging task. Ian Spalter, Instagram’s Head of Design showed in this video the efforts the designing staff had to go through to create this new look:

Spalter said in his announcing post on Medium:

“Brands, logos and products develop deep connections and associations with people, so you don’t just want to change them for the sake of novelty. But the Instagram icon and design was beginning to feel, well… not reflective of the community, and we thought we could make it better.”

What inspired this new chic look? Spalter said:

“We knew that people loved the rainbow and the camera lens was a key visual element. As a part of our process, we also asked people at the company to draw the Instagram icon from memory in 5 seconds. Almost all of them drew the rainbow, lens, and viewfinder.”

The new look didn’t just stop at the logo, Instagram changed the way it looks inside the app too. Now it’s in more basic Black and White theme to enhance the beauty of the photos and videos shared by the Instagram users. It also changed the icons of its family of apps, including Layout, Hyperlapse and Boomerang.

instagram app family

This new change could be what defines Instagram from now on. Personally, I just love this new Pink Rainbow Chic look. Did it work for you too?


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