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Instagram Is Testing Out A Stop-Motion Video Feature

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 01, 2017 in Instagram Info/ Social Media News


Last week, Instagram added a new Superzoom feature to the app and it lets users create dramatic short video clips with 3x zoom effect along with a suspenseful sound. Now, after Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Superzoom, Instagram is testing yet another video feature.

It will basically allow users to create stop motion videos using a series of photos. They can show an inanimate objects moving or tell some other story that seems unique using the stop motion video feature. It’s not yet available globally and it’s unclear whether it will be available to all the users at all in the future but it’s definitely an interesting feature to add to the app. You can create the stop motion video using any series of photos to tell a creative story.

Like the latest video feature Superzoom and already existing Boomerang, this, too, can be shared inside an Instagram story. You can’t edit the photos individually but you can add stickers, sketches and text when the video is created just like other Instagram videos. You can then post the video or share it as a story.

While this tool is being tested out by a bunch of Instagram users, there is another update that came out in the Instagram feed. That update is that the stories will have 2x bigger preview size inside your Instagram feed. There will still be the smaller stories bar on top of the feed but there will also be a bigger stories display inside your feed.

Basically, Instagram wants users to not miss any of the stories and it will even interrupt your feed if it comes to it as it seems. You will see a ‘Recent Stories’ bar randomly after Instagram posts and then you can choose to watch the stories right then or you could choose to ignore it and just scroll down.

Instagram is really serious about its stories feature and wants to make it as fun experience as it can by introducing new ways to create interesting video clips which can then be shared as stories. Let’s see if the stop motion video makes the cut and gets rolled out globally. It will definitely be a good feature to have in the app.


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