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Instagram is Testing Shoppable Photo Tags

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 02, 2016 in Insatgram


This feature has had a long time coming. Catering to most of the users’ frustration that, “I want to learn more, but it’s very hard to go do a web search from another app. The product details are hard to find.” Instagram is finally adding shopping options with an easy to use user interface.

This feature is rolled out to only a small group of iOS Instagram users in the U.S. It shows users retailers’ photos with shoppable tags that let users find the product information with just a little tap over the ‘Tap to View Products’ tag. This tap will direct the users to a page listing all the products and if they see something they like, they can just tap on the product to be directed to a product information page where they can see the price, description and additional photos of that specific product. All of this process happens inside the Instagram app itself and the users don’t have to browse Amazon to search for their desired product. If they don’t want to buy the product they can just tap back to go to their feed.

If the users do decide to buy that product, there is also a ‘Shop Now’ button on that page which directs the users to the retailer’s website so that they can make the purchase. All of these new options are lightweight so that the users don’t have to wait for the products to load and go from one page to another.

The companies that Instagram is teaming up for this test are Abercombie&Fitch BaubleBar, Coach, Hollister, JackThreads, J.Crew, Kate Spade, Levi’s Brand, Lulus, Macy’s, Michael Kors, MVMT Watches, Tory Burch, Warby Parker, and Shopbop.

For now, Instagram is not charging anything for showing their products but if the feature does become successful, retailers will have to pay to show their products to a larger audience.


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