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Instagram is Testing Direct Sharing of Stories to Facebook

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 08, 2017 in Social Media News


It’s common knowledge that Instagram and Facebook share the same ownership. So, it’s only logical that their cross platform compatibility should enhance the user experience. In the past, this compatibility was only limited to photos and videos shared on either of these platforms but now Instagram is expanding its horizon.

Instagram has constantly been evolved and updated since Snapchat’s refusal to Facebook’s $3 Billion dollar offer for acquirement of the platform. Since, then Facebook, Instagram and even WhatsApp (all share the same ownership) have been trying to copy some of the best Snapchat’s features. The efforts have been rewarded by users and the proof of that is the decrease in growth of monthly active users of Snapchat.

Apparently, Instagram wants to take things a step further by possibly including a feature that will let users share their Instagram stories directly to their Facebook profile or page. How this will work is that an option will appear before the user shares their story on Instagram. That option will ask the user if they want to share that story to their Facebook profile as well. If they select this option, the story will be shared with their Facebook friends as well, with just a small icon indicating that the story was originally posted on Instagram.

To people who don’t know what an Instagram story is, it’s video clips that last for 24 hours before disappearing into thin air. The reason why it’s just been tested for Instagram and not for Facebook or WhatsApp is because out of all three, Instagram boasts the largest number of users that actively share their daily Stories.

The direct sharing to Facebook feature is still in beta testing and if it’s successful, it could soon be rolled out to all the Instagram users. As to when it will happen, it’s unclear at the moment.


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